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Going to put a broughton .284 barrel on my rifel. My rifel currently is chambered for the 7mm. would you stay with the rem. 7mm mag or would you chamber for the Winchester .284.

I was told by one shooter to go with the .284 win. do to the fact that there is a variety of brass (when necking up the 6.5 x .284) He also mentioned the current statis of mag match primers.

I don't want to loose range or accuracy. thank you
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I would go with the 284 win. in a heartbeat. The 284 will push a 180 berger to nearly 3000 fps in a 28 inch barrel that stays supersonic to @2000 yards. The cartridge is very accurate, better barrel life than 7mm rem mag, uses less powder, and lapua brass in 6.5-284can be easily necked up. Also, one doesn't have that stupid belt on a 284 win. Personaly, though I don't own one, I think the 284 win is the most balanced 7mm cartridge there is.
what action are you going to use? long, short, single shot, or repeater?
what is your intended use for the rifle?
What twist is your barrel?
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I'm guessing that you have a magnum boltface on your existing action. Without changing out the bolt, you are gonna be limited in your cartridge choices.
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long range hunting
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With the Mag bolt face I would go with a 7mm SAUM over leaving it a 7mm RM...
Certainly wouldn't have a problem with buying a new bolt for a .284 case either..
You wont loose a thing over the 7MR and will gain more than you will loose..
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Good question and thanks for asking it as I have been mulling the same issue for the same reason. Got a 700 LA in 7RM that I want to rebarrel and I to want to go with the more "inherently" accurate 7mm cartridge. My limitations are I want to use the long action, but willing to get a new PTG bolt if necessary. But not willing to chamber in a cartrdge that is better suited to a short action, such as the WSM or SAUM.

So in short, is the 284 Win the more inherently accurate 7mm best used in a long action, such as the 7mm/08 is tagged in the short action. Or stick with the std 7RM? Dunno....

I have a STW in the safe, so no reason to go bigger and my STW shoots the pants off my 7RM..

Again thanks to Dion for bring this subject up.

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Heavy VLD bullets seated out to the lands are too long for a short action. My rifle is based on a Mauser '98 and is effectivley a "mid" action, and is just right for the .284. Given the choice of short or long action, I would go with the long action.
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without changing out the bolt your choices are limited. either stick with 7mm mag or go 7rem saum. i think it may also be possible to go with 7wsm or 7mm dakota. either would be a good choice if you can figure out wether or not you will have any feeding issues. i simply do not know if you will have issues with the feed rails. i've always been told when going with a custom short mag to start with a short mag action. but with the long action it would allow you to seat heavier bullets out into the lands.
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