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I changed over my 700 7rm to a 7saum w/ a 1:9t 5c broughton .315nk. ptg reammer. Factory brass nk`s vary from .016-.020 but most hold at about .0165. If yours is a rem action you can get a rum mag box for it but you`ll need to open the "raceway" up about .020 on each side so it feeds good. It shoots .5 past 600 easy w/ anything 162grs or better. I put 900+ rnds though her and got it setback, it was still shootin good but the throat had gone about .1(no thanks to v-max`s @3600fps). Now it shoots good as new and after I`m done with this one I got a new Kreiger all ready to go...

If you did`nt want to neck turn try a .317nk, the factory reammer is .320 and blows the normal .315 loaded neck out a bit more than I like. I turn my brass to .0145 and use a .311 bushing to get .313 loaded. Try it, you`ll like it!
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I will have a ptg reamer available after my f-class rifle is done. It has a .317 neck and .188 leade. This will allow the use of 168gr. and 180gr. bullets. It has a 1 minute 30 degree throat which is prefered for vld bullets. That is if you chose to go with the .284 win. and win. brass.
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at one point i really wanted a sendero in 7mm ultra talk about a beast. they don't call it ultra mag for nothin. i jst couldn't justify having having something with so much powder.
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I've got a couple of 284s - one on a M700 LA, the other on a BAT 3LL. They're both very consistently accurate at 600-1000yds. with S175MKs, Berger & JLK 180VLDs. I have no problem pushing the 180s to a little over 2900fps out of my 30" bbls. with RL17.

The thing that made me a fan of the 284 was how easy it was to get the first one shooting good groups at 600. I believe it's one of the most inherently accurate cartridges I've yet worked with.

Another option would be the 280 Ackley Improved. Based on my measurements, the 280 AI has about 5.5-6grs. more case capacity than a 284, but is still more efficient than a 7mm RemMag.

If you're going to go to the expense of replacing your magnum boltface with a PTG bolt, why not have someone ream your 700 action with a GreTan reamer, then order the PTG bolt to give .002"-.003" clearance? Not only does that take care of any bolt raceway straightness issues (700s are heat-treated after being machined), but it also provides for a great way to get rid of excess bolt/action slop.
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race way is going to bored, and I have a kiff bolt on the way
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