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Have been considering a re-barrel job on my .308 match rifle to the 6.5x47 - now I dunno which one to go with... Either is likely to shoot better at long range than my .308 Win, and maybe even better on the rapid fire stages too...

Who knows? Maybe best to wait a bit and see where the issue sits after the dust settles a mite. My .308 barrel is still in good shape anyway!

Regards, Guy
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In overall accuracy I still think the Lapua will be easier load, small primers and Lapua consistency.

Remingtons 260 could have really taken off but they dropped the ball like a pork chop eating fat boy. If you offer a high performance round then load it that way.
I don't think Hornady will make the same mistake as Remington did, they are already offering 120 and 140 Amax loads.
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This 6.5 round has the potential to do good things in an Ar-10 platform. I currently have a custom bolt with Berger 120's and can push it to 3,100fps in a X55 case. I will be looking to purchase a platform system when it is perfected. Overbore
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I have read all of the details, and the really nice article on this website which compares the 6.5 Creedmoore, the 6.5x47 and the 260. That article pretty well sums up my feelings. The 260 will work better with the bigger bullets, the 6.5 Crematory will work fine either across the course or for long range but will be limited if the brass is too soft, the 6.5x47 is perfect for either XC or for long range and has the small rifle primer and the harder Lapua factory brass.

Unfortunately Gary Elesio doesn't make his R5 repeater for the 6.5x47 yet or that is what I would have ordered for my XC gun.

I will be watching the scores and the shooters to see which wins out as an overall winner.
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By the way, that article written about all 3 of the 6.5 rounds is here:
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Seems to me to be a .243AI necked up to 6.5. Internal capacity is roughly the same. Should be an accurate combo, depending on which bullet used.

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I reload all of my ammo and I use a Wilson case trimmer for oal case trimming. Just thought I would let the 6.5CM reloaders know that the caseholder for the 6.5CM is the "22-250 ACKLEY" and it will work for new or fired cases.

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Thanks for the link to the article. That answers a lot of questions. The net to me seems to be that the .260 is just as good a cartridge. Too bad Hornandy didn't just start making better ammmo for it, but everybody wants to prove how clever they are by "innovating".

The 6.5 Grendal is still the more interesting cartridge, sadly not covered in the article. Interesting because it works in a standard AR-15 platform, not the AR-10. And interesting because it is gentle enough to use in full-auto in an AR sized gun. Sadly the 6.5 Grendal seems to be loosing out the the lesser 6.8 SPC.

At the high end, in bolt guns, I'm not sure why one would not go all the way up to the .264 WinMag, or at least the 6.5/06.

.223 Actions: 6.5 Grendal
.308 Actions: .260 Rem
long Actions: .264 WinMag
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