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So i'm look around and I see that the David Tubb 6XC has an oal case length of 1.90 with a 30 deg sholder. The brass is 6 points harder than the Lapua 6.5 x 47 brass which makes it superior to the lapua. Why couln't I just run the 6XC brass through my resizer and up size the neck and I have 6.5 creedmoor brass as good or better than lapua. I might give this a try. What do you think?

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Does anyone have a link that shows actual case diagram for the 6.5 creedmoor ?
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quote from dr0 "At the high end, in bolt guns, I'm not sure why one would not go all the way up to the .264 WinMag, or at least the 6.5/06."
the main reason is because the 6.5X284 already has that covered with short enough barrel life. Treeman
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If the creedmoor is 1.92 case length with .370 neck length, that puts the neck to shoulder region at 1.55.
1.55 on a 308 base cartridge is where the shoulder to body starts.
So what is the length for the creedmoor at the shoulder to body region?
is it 1.4xxx or less?
I know what the diagram says for the 6 x 47 or 6.5 x 47 and the creedmoor is longer than it is but shorter than the 308 style case.
My other question would be wouldn't necking up a 243 not work because of the length is to long at the shoulder to body intersection point on the 243 or other 308 base case?
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Just to touch on one of the previous posts,...... it was stated that Tubb's brass was 6 points harder than the Lapua's,......

Who's "B" scale hardness checker gave that info? I've checked lot after lot of the 6.5x47 Lapua, compared it to early Tubb and Norma Tubb brass, and most recently Hornady's 6.5 Creedmore, and none of it,... period, was ever harder than the Lapua,... much less 6 points harder. (The Hornady case borders on being a poor investment for anyone using the case for BR work considering the strength of the Lapua case.) The numbers given for the factory data of the 6.5x47 brass are exactly that, factory liability data, period. The Lapua cases are hard and durable to a fault. The Norma cases are very uniform, perhaps somewhat at the cost of case head hardness.
The situation where Hornady can be a winner in all this is simple, an American made product at a (hopefully) consistent level of quality (which we still all want to mean something,...) at a better value than the Lapua. So far,that remains to be seen.

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I just read that on the 6xc web site of Tubbs that the new Norma 6xc was 6 points harder than the Lapua. It may be just a sales gimmick. but thats what I read.

Here it is.

[I]"6XC DTAC Brass

SSS Inc. has DTAC match grade 6XC brass available, engineered to meet the demands of High Power shooters. These high-quality cases are designed with the strength, capacity, and expansion characteristics necessary for high performance in the competitive arena. DTAC brass is used exclusively by David Tubb and other winners shooting this caliber.

Our newest version of this brass has a hardness approximately 6 points harder than Laupua (Knupe scale). This helps ensure no stickiness in bolt operation.

"TUBB 6XC" headstamp."

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here is the drawing of the diagram I have been looking for.
in case anyone else was wondering or possibly planning a build.
Hope this helps
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Anyone use RE17 with the 6.5CM? Any data? Thanks Lee
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