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Not to be argumentative, but you paint Californians with too broad of a brush. There are plenty of us who voted for people other than the governor or legislators creating and supporting these kinds of bills. Take a look at or election results. We are just outnumbered.

We, in CA, are all too aware of vendors refusing to do business in this state, even if they legally could. Just too much of a pain, too risky, etc. This is why it is even more important to kill this bill, some vendors may just give up on selling ANY ammo related components, even if they could. Our only choice then is to go out of state, which is already being organized.

We are under severe attack, but it was the majority of Californians who did this, not me, and not the rest of my fellow brethen in CA.

- Phil
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Lynn, I agree, and USPS mail has been done, as has faxing. The personal letter, fax, or even e-mail, if not a standard form letter everyone is using, shows some personal thought went into it and might carry a bit more weight. Unfortunately, the most effective ways of communicating your opinion may require the most effort. We also have people tweeting the Governor.

- Phil
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Phil is right...we are here, but are outnumbered.

If you care to help us, let your "firearms businesses, gunsmiths and ammunition manufactures" know that leaving us alone out here to fight by ourselves is not going to help us much.

I'm not convinced that the "majority" of Californians are necessarily behind this legislation. The majority doesn't write proposed bills...however they certainly (IMHO) made too many compromises and elected people who actively chip away at our basic rights for the hollow promise of security and material handouts.

Having lived here for the past 7 years, I have come to appreciate much of what California has to offer outside of the weather (which is typically first on everyone's list). I have never lived in such a diverse area (culturally) and have never meet so many ardent gun owners.

Unfortunately, some of the peaceloving folks that live here live in an alternative reality, where criminals follow the law and everyone holds hands and gets along. Their good intentions don't take into consideration basic constitutional rights that safeguard their opinions...and many politicians out here will do anything to stay in power...


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I see you have mentioned NEW YORK also.
This is no surprise to us either.
A lot of us did not vote for Chuck schummer either. New York city carries the vote.
We are out numbered.''' 14 million in New york City out vote the rest of us. New york city should be a separate district like DC. We have fewer problems in the rest of the state. When people say New York right away they think New york City. Remember we are a pretty good sized state .
The rest of us just don't have the votes to get rid of the Trash.
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