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I just read on the 6mmbr homepage about a new bill that may possibly affect people from the great state of california in their trying to purchase handgun ammunition. I believe the bill is AB-962. If I read it correctly, it states that if passed you will have to be able to provide your drivers liscense number along with having to provide a thumbprint. I dont see the great governor that california has, (however you pronounce his name)to actually veto this bill. I would have voted for him also. Did you ever see his movies?? He was GREAT!!! Who cares if he cant speak english...So he isnt a natural born citizen!!!Shouldnt matter...C-mon people..lets get this thing knocked out. Seems like all we are interested in is making new laws, and not being able to enforce the ones we have...
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AB962 is a very bad bill. No Internet sales of ammo or reloading components if passed. This will make the shooting sports very expensive in CA. Arnold hasn't vetoed the bill yet and we are running out of time. Arnold has turned out to be a sissy boy and enemy of second amendment rights.

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AB 962
scroll down to the CA. AB962 article.

Read this article from this site and do as it says; contact the folks in charge. One thing they really do NOT want to hear is negative feedback from the public.
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The Governator may not be ideal, but he HAS vetoed a couple of anti-gun bills in the past. Right now, he is the only hope to prevent AB 962 from becoming law. This statute could have ripple effects in the national market for ammo. And you know that if one state succeeds in banning mail-order ammo sales, other states will copy.

Telephone Gov. Schwarzenegger and Ask Him to Veto AB 962:

Step 1: Call 916-445-2841
Step 2: Press 1 for English
Step 3: Press 2 for commenting on a bill on the Governor’s desk
Step 4: Press 2 for AB 962
Step 5: Press 2 for Oppose

        Email the Governor and Ask Him to Veto AB 962:

Step 1: Go to http://www.Gov.Ca.Gov/interact
Step 2: Fill in name and email address
Step 3: Select “GUN CONTROL” from pull-down menu
Step 4: Click “SUBMIT” (No, you’re not done yet!!)

A new page will open…

Step 5: Type in your message. It can be as simple as: “Please VETO AB 962. This bill will cost California in lost tax revenues. It also violates the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

Step 6: Click SEND
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I ask you to PLEASE call in or e-mail your opposition to this bill. This is primarily handgun, but it is expected that due to the language of the law, many vendors may just stop doing business for anything connected to ammo in CA, due to the ambiguity of the language. Many vendors already do this with AR15 parts that ARE legal in CA. This mindset would affect BR shooters too.

You can also fax Schwarzenegger at 915-556-3180, besides the phone number and e-mail posted earlier.

The phone line is often busy, perhaps because of our opposition or, the efforts of active supporters of this bill (Brady people).

Unless the governor issues a veto by 11:59 pm Sunday night (tomorrow), AB962 becomes law, even if he does nothing.


- Phil
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it is a better idea to write them a letter than it is to e-mail them but if your not going to write the letter please e-mail them.A letter means somebody has to open it and making them do a little over-time is much better than having them just take a talley and hit the delete button.
Ask them for a response in the letter and they are forced to oblige you even if they just send out the pre-printed propoganda.
If there is one thing the hate doing its working for there money.
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Today is the last day for a VETO. If Gov. Schwarzenegger does not veto AB 962 today, it will become law.

All the more reason to call and email RIGHT NOW.

Links and phone numbers are posted above in this thread.
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Not wanting to provoke an argument but you folks in California have laid down in front of the bus and hired the bus driver to run over you. Illinois, Maryland, New York, and several other states are on your same path.

I know of several firearms businesses, gunsmiths and ammunition manufactures who now are refusing to conduct business in California.

As they say if guns and ammunition are banned then only the criminals will have them.

Nat Lambeth

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