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I use a chargemaster, I have noticed that with long grain powders that sometimes they can stick together or just roll into the pan,just 2 or 3 grains as the thrower slows down,with finer grain powders varget etc I have not had any problems.
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Mine does the same thing. Same error. A combination of integration which is too slow for drop speed, and a poor programming scheme, displaying the desired value by default(rather than actual weight), once desired OR GREATER is reached.
Slowing the powder drop has reduced the rate of fault for me, but has not fixed it completely. I did this by taping over 1/2 of the trickle tube load port(centered). This causes the 3rd-slowest charge speed to happen more often, and the error rarely occurs if you can get there. I need a way to force this slowest speed for every charge.
Need to find out who makes the dispenser.
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I opened up both units and now see that there is really nothing in the dispenser other than a keypad interface and motor driver. The brain resides in the scale. No mfg data on the scale circuit card whatsoever. There is a switch for "adj" or "lock" which I assume allows for calibration and/or programming.
I can't do anything with it without a programming manual or atleast a schematic.
Next week I'll see if I can monitor control between the units and affect it in a way which would resolve the problems without ugly compromises.
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RCBS told us that there is a reprogramming procedure that can be done remotely that will affect the speed switch-over parameters. It's a matter of pressing the right buttons on the keypad in the right sequence. I was told they can walk you through this over the phone--but not all the customer service reps at RCBS are aware of the process. If you get a "never heard of that" response, ask to talk to the tech dept.
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Mike and others. Did a little test with my ChargeMaster yesterday while loading. I used two scales (1 the RBCS and the other a Dillon). 107 charges thrown with the following results: 4% -.1 gr; 50% at desired charge; 38% +.1 gr.; 8% =.2 gr. I too think the programming is set to report the desired weight rather than the actual weight as in ALL CASES, I removed and replaced the pan with the thrown charge back on the RBCS and they reflected the above variations which were confirmed with the other scale.

The last charge thrown was with the hopper so low that there was insufficient powder to throw a full charge. The desired charge was 46.5 grains of Varget and the actual charge thrown was 43.5 gr. and the scale reported it to be the desired charge, 46.5. To me this confirms Mikecr's thoughts that the programming is in error.

I trust RCBS to make things right, so we'll see what happens.

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With the info given, including emails, I'll try & contact an RCBS tech and capture a programming procedure if something turns up that'll help.
They probably chose speed over accuracy. Programming which would more or less force the slowest speed -everytime, would increase the load time ~5 seconds/case(on avg). Speed is important to many. Also, a system which stopped, leaving the scale reading other than desired, would bother many customers. Some would hate that and see it as no better than throwing/trickling.

Anyway, I'll try & get to it next week, & pass along anything that comes out of it. I really do like the the system.
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Mike, the Tech's name that I have been talking with is Mr. Dan Legg. RCBS toll free number is 1-800-533-5000. They only work Monday through Thursday

Good luck and thanks.
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It's been several months now. Has anyone gotten word from RCBS on a fix for the inaccurate readings on light/heavy loads? Can these units be trusted to throw fast,a nd still be accurate? Was there a software patch of some sort to correct the optomistic scale readings?

What is the impression of the chargemaster after a season of shooting?

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