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My procedure is this.

I use my RCBS 1500 to throw my charge hopefully .1 under and i then pour this powder into another pan that sits on my Denver Instruments TR-603D scales and then replace the empty pan back onto the dispenser and diesp, as it dispenses I then carefully drop the few kernals of powder into the weighed pan on the scales for my desired weight. I then pour into a prepped case sit the empty back onto the scale and by time this is done my dispenser is finished actualy it finished before I dumped the powder in the case.

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I had the same thoughts about using two powder pans, but then decided against it because I figured the chances of getting two powder pans that weighed the same was impossible.
It is plenty fast still, I drop one,pour into Saturn funnel, place the powder pan back on the scale, move the funnel to the next cartridge, then hit dispense on the Chargemaster and start the process again.
I have my MX-123 zeroed with the same powder pan that came with the Charge master and still check the accuracy of the Chargesmaster four or five times when charging a block of fifty.

Happy New Year

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All ChargeMaster owners need to look at the 2006 Shot Show report and read about the "new" ChargeMaster and the problems noted in the older units. I for one have experienced ALL the reported problems and have just requested the new unit (this will ne #4 for me).

Will report after I get it.
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I got an email from RCBS today. They explained to me that the "Auto-tare" glitch was in "Year 2" models only, and they believe it was corrected in all "Year 2" units before they entered the stream of commerce.

I didn't want to create the impression that this was a known problem on earlier units.

Travelor has had a spate of bad luck with his ChargeMasters. Hopefully the new version will rectify that. Nearly all the other recent feedback we've received on the machines has been positive.
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Further report on the "new" RCBS ChargeMaster. This is the one that the 2006 ShotShow report described.

Yesterday I loaded 100 308 Palma loads using 46.3 gr. of Varget. Time to have the ChargeMaster throw charges 1 hour 5 minutes. Results: 93 charges on weight, 1 charge .1 gr. over, and 6 charges .2 gr. over. In all cases the ChargeMaster reported the charges to be the desired 46.3 grains. The tare weight problem still is there as the empty weight of the pan slowly reported it to weight 1 gr. less at the end of the session.

Much better than the first three, but still has a tendency to lie, so be careful guys.

Of note: RCBS has been reported to not be sending replacement ChargeMasters out as in the past, but requiring your unit mailed to them at owner's expense to be checked BEFORE replacement sent. Some indications that RCBS has been taking a financial beating on this item being returned. Just what I have heard through other Forums and corresponding with one owner with a less than 1 year old malfunctioning unit.
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Travelor... Editor in Chief

Hello, I am new here and found the reviews very useful.

I returned to shooting last year, and just now buying a full reloading setup for the range, incl. a digital dispensing rig (eyes are not so good anymore).

Have you guys got any updates from the 2007 ShotShow?
Am curious to know how well Lyman and RCBS have matured their digital products over the last 12-18 mths.

How about the other posters on this thread: have RCBS or Lyman settled your software, pan-zeroing, and load drift problems to your satisfaction?

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Hey guys, I have the PACT Scales & Dispenser. Purchased these off a fellow shooter who brought from new and used them for about 4 years.

I previously owned a Lyman 1200 DPS & I personally feel the PACT is much better. Less footprint, seems to throw the charges much faster and the PACT scales seem to be way more stable. In the same room, and in the same place on my reloading bench the 1200DPS scales would always wander about 0.3 grains, compared to the PACT ones that don't.

Doesn't bother me that I have to calibrate the dispenser, I go and do something else while it's doing its thing. Whats 4 minutes anyway? Sure beats the hell out of waiting 30 minutes for a 1200 DPS to warm up.

As for ther memory function, well I have all my loads written down, so the memory function is not really required in my situation.

Just my 0.2 cents.

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hi guys power is a problem at a lot of ranges so is there a decent mechanical scale as 1 bad throw is 1 too many i dont want the promethius set up ive got a thrower but only have old lyman beam scale and acculab vic 123 thanks
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