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How long ago did Promethius go under?
Does anyone know if they have plans on going back into business?
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I have been using my Lyman DPS 1200, (version 1), for a couple of years now, and couldn't be happier. I'm not getting any of this "speed" business? If you are that in a hurry to throw charges from any of these units, do what I do. I have a set of Lee Powder Dippers. ($6.00 most places). I select a dipper about 5 grains or so under the charge I want, dump it into the pan, and let the machine top it off. It's fast, and saves wear and tear on the unit. Most all of these units have the same type of electronic circuitry. The "warm up", while important, is easy to work around. I simply turn on the unit when I wake up if I know I'll be reloading that day. After I have coffee and shower and get dressed, the unit is plenty warm. Even if you decide to reload on a whim, by the time you get everything out, dies set, loading blocks and brass ready to go, the unit will be more than warm enough. Bill T.
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Thats a real good idea using a powder dipper.

Also Lyman has an ugrade kit that supposedly increases the speed.

Re Wildcat's report--I'm glad he's having good luck with the PACT. I have to say that drift is common to PACTs also--it just seems to vary with individual units.

I found out mine drifted when I was weighing bullets and the phone rang. I left a bullet in the pan that registered 104.9 grains. I came back 25 minutes later and the bullet, still sitting in the pan, was 105.2.

I then went back through the previous dozen bullets (I was measuring 50 for a test so I'd written down all the individual weights), and, you guessed it--they were all off 0.3 grains.

I now warm up the machine for 30 minutes minimum and I calibrate the machine with check weights every dozen charges or so. Yep, it's time consuming, but I've noticed that it helps.
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Another thing you can use is the shot dipper from an old Lee Shotshell Loader. They have a "false bottom" that can be lowered or raised into detentes to vary shot loads dispensed for the Lee Hand Shotshell Loader. I have one I bought back in 1972 that's been just sitting. I finally found a use for at least part of it. It's the main reason I never sell anything gun related. Bill T.
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I have the 1200 3 and have had no problems, it is more than fast enough for me, I use the scale to weigh everything from brass to bullets, wanted the RCBS unit but didnt have the other $60
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