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Check out our NEW detailed Digital Powder Dispenser Tests. We review the RCBS ChargeMaster Combo, the Lyman 1200 DPS II, and the PACT Dispenser/Scale System.

This is a very heavy-duty review, with very detailed writeups and dispenser speed-testing. Our staff put about 8 full man-days into the project. You'll find some ugly truths revealed that no magazine would ever print. Yet, our overall results (especially with the RCBS) were surprisingly positive. Here are the links:

Test Results Summary and Recommendations:

Unit by Unit Detailed Tests:

Companion Test of Balance-Beam Scales by Brand Cole:

If you want to know how accurate a balance-beam scale really is, read the last article. It uses Six-Sigma analysis to achieve highly refined ES and SD.
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"Ugly Truth" is this was a product test for us shooters and if you don't like it go flame somewhere else. By the way, great informative test which I enjoyed reading regardless of where the products are from. Yes, it would be great if everything was made in the USA and we all had apple pie every night for dessert, but unfortunately World Trade is here to stay. No attack intended, just hate to see a good test and information ruined by unwanted remarks.
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Hmmm, well them sweet NightForce scopes are made in Asia, Lapua brass comes from Finland, the Varget powder we like is made in Australia, my chronograph is made in Canada, Barnard actions come from New Zealand, and the trigger and action on my rimfire are made in Germany.

I'm not really sure that country of origin is relevant to this kind of performance-based review. If an individual chooses to purchase only American-made products, that's fine, but I want to know what all the choices are. In my mind performance is #1.

But bottom line, what I see is a very thorough review, more detailed and even-handed than anything I'd see in American Rifleman, and better organized than anything I'd see in Precision Shooting for that matter. It is obvious that a huge amount of time went into the review, which, BTW was delivered to you for FREE. And I don't see a bunch of advertising running on this site so I have to assume the review was put together by some dedicated folks who receive no compensation for their time and effort. Maybe we should be a little more appreciative and a little less critical...
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Great review! I've been thinking about one of these units for a long time, but there were some things I never considered. Most important after accuracy was the charge dispensing time and warm up time. Lyman needs to work out that half hour issue of they'll only sell one - to TRA. As for the nasty comment. Save it for some other forum. There's too much good stuff here!
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I guess SOMEONE wont be buying the RCBS

Guess i'll have to save up for one

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FORMER RCBS employee?!?!

Simply must have one of these Green Machines and preferably without paying Import Duty!

Long may $2 US buy you only £1 Sterling!

Happy trickling!

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Good review, but the Lyman is by no means the "Dog" that it's insinuated to be...

Warm up time is not the "issue" that you're led to believe, as it's a recommended time based upon the supposition that someone might have stored the unit in one place where the temperature was vastly different than the place it's going to be used... the warmup can be "bypassed" by simply pushing a button. I've found that 10 minutes is plenty as I store the unit where it will be used and I've checked this against a 10-10 just as they did in the test...

Powder changes are also not the "hassle" that's alluded too in the article.... once you've done it a few times, it takes no more than a few minutes to change powders...

Speed: even at the end of the article where they show you how to be more "productive" you can see that the "practical" difference in speed is pretty much nil....

I've never had to "wait" on a charge to be dropped by the Lyman unless I'm dropping very large charges.... if you empty the charge into a case, push the enter button (to dispense the next charge) and then seat a bullet into the charged case, place it into a load box, place a funnel on the next case to be charged... the dispenser is already done.... This is based on various length stick and ball propellents that I've used in 223, 243, 22-250 6mmBr and 308.

I'm sure the RCBS unit is indeed "faster" but from a "real value" sense, it means nothing.

While I have no problems buying anything not made in the USA. I avoid buying anything made in China, and will not buy anything made in France. Paying people who are trying their best to screw you is not my idea of smart.

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Kaferhaus wrote: "Powder changes [on the Lyman 1200] are also not the "hassle" that's alluded to in the article.... once you've done it a few times, it takes no more than a few minutes to change powders..."

We appreciate everyone's input. And it's good to know that the Lyman may perform better for the seasoned owner than our testers. But for us, time to remove powder is pretty important, because we never leave powder in a machine after a loading session. With the best performer, the PACT, we could dump the powder in a matter of seconds. "Flip, dump into container, plug back in and trickle". You can really do it about as fast as you can say that. No brushes, no J-hooks, no removing parts.

The ease of cleaning the RCBS is somewhere between the PACT and the Lyman.
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