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Im planning on building a "mini sniper rifle" if you will for some cheap practice and maybe even competative shooting. What Im planning on doing is starting with a good action, then changing the barrel, and trigger if necissary. I would also like a "tactical stock" if possible. Something with an adjustable butt, cheekweld and a vertical pistol grip.

Im considering using a CZ or Sako as a starting point. Any suggestions?

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If you are really into this project, look for a Remington 40X in 22 RF and put it into a McMillan A-5 stock. Or put it into one of the USMC trade-in HTG stocks that are floating around.

Otherwise a CZ would work but there are not a lot of stock choices.

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I have thought about doing the same thing. The problem i had was not wanting to spend the money on a 40x rimfire. The little suckers are pricey.I wish that savage would affer a rimfire action that was just a scaled down model 12. If it had the accutrigger and threaded brl. off we could go. Somewhere though there has to be a CZ floating around that someone has trashed the stock on or something. Just for a donor action. I got so frustrated that i decided to take a 882ss and turn it into a tube gun like the Elisio R5(project since stalled due to home addition in progresss). I hear stiller has a run of 40x clones coming out.
Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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I wanted a similar build. I have a Remington 541 HB that I wanted to give it that tactical go over. Stocks for these are hard to come by. So I made one that fits the bill perfectly. I have a CZ 452 Varmint that shoots very well, but not like my 541.





I tried to mimic the butt end of my Bell and Carleson Medalist stock. I love the feel of it. And the forend I tried to copy my HS Precision. It is 2.5" wide and fits the hands much better than before.
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Thats impressive! I guess you used Bondo to shape your stock? Did you start with a blank or a old stock, or did you make that one from scratch? However you did it, it's a darn good job!
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Thanks. Not trying to hijack the thread.

Yes I used Bondo to shape the stock to my liking. I ordered a 541 stock from Numeriches. It had no cut checkering like the factory and cost only $32. Not a fancy piece of walnut either so It didn't break my heart doing the work on it. Short of a McMillan benchrest stock, this was the only other option available for a 541 action.
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Does it still shoot? Look's like a tactical rifle now.
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There are fellas that have already done what you are looking for. They used the Sako Quad action and Lilja barrels along with a Manners stock. They look simply awesome!! They seem to really shoot as well, although a bit pricey it almost seems worth it? They are calling them training rifles to help with more shooting time, less cost to shoot and help with there form and breathing. I have been trying to do the smething but am not willing to dump that kind of money into a 22lr. So I will probably buy an Annie and call it good.

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