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Originally Posted by canuck
Also make sure to try the scope/scopes in varying conditions, ei; low light( dawn/dusk),rain,cloudy,looking towards the sun etc etc. These can often show strengths/weaknesses in scopes very quickly.This is were good optics really show themselves. At high noon on a bright day just about any scope looks pretty good at first glance.

You're right about using the scope in varying conditions to determine the strengths and weaknesses. I have several scopes that are fine on the bench but laying down in a meadow and sighting in on a cagey PA groundhog at 400 yds. is an entirely different matter.

Lou Baccino
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Interesting reading. I've had my Nightforce NXS for over a year now and have used it on targets, out in the field shooting rabbits and crows and under the spotlight at night. If I was going to buy a top end scope again I would get another Nightforce.

Everyone judges things differently, each to their own.

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Well,I would urge you to borrow someone's german optics to compare under those same conditions. Only then will you realize just how substandard the optics are in the nightforce. The nightforce isn't cheap so in my opinion the optics should be much much better than they are.. For example : you mention using the nightforce under a spotlight at night. With my german mader zeiss I don't need a spotlight. I can shoot raccoons all night long under moonlight out to about 100-300 yards in most instances depending on the background of course( try that with a nightforce and you will quickly learn that you can't see squat out of it).
I thought I would add: it is legal to shot raccoons at night for pest control/ crop damage.
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I have a few high end optics floating around here myself, and no way will I ever part with any of my Nightforces for anything else, different strokes for different folks I guess...
I really doubt they use sub standard glass in them either....
I do like my new Sightron-S3 8x32 though, clear as can be, and the price is right.
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when I say "substandard" I mean for that price point. It isn't the glass( although it really isn't very good) as much as it is the coatings but then again that is one VERY important aspect. As a target scope they are great cause isn't most paper punching done in the middle of the day? The adjustments/reticles on the nightforce are outstanding( this is were the german stuff is lacking)?
If another scope becomes available with similar features of the nightforce but which actually has good glass I bet many many will kiss their nightforce scopes goodbye.
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I can think of no german scope I would want over a Leupold Mk4 or NF NXS.

I don't care how good their glass is.
I want externally adjustable sealed turrets in 1/4 to 1/8MOA, sunshades, flip-up scope covers, high power, second focal plane/low subtending crosshairs, and side focus.
And the weight and physical size of the scope also needs to be reasonable.

When scopes using german glass offer these things as well, then we'll have something to compare I guess.
Most people here(USA) don't hunt at night, and field function/features matter most for us.
When I look through a Swarovski, I am of course blown away by the glass. But then I crank up the power and note that the huge/and growing reticle would completely obscure my target! I go to crank the elevation and find a cheap cap covering cheap adjustments, and I really couldn't expect accurate clicks in MOA. And then, to top it off, I can't focus the thing in firing position..

No, there is just no comparison
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A combination of these scopes would be a match made in heaven. Hopefully someone comes out with such a scope.If nightforce ever does get good glass I will buy several. As you stated everything else about them is fantastic which I fully agree with.
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This has been a very interesting and informative thread and has me doing research into IOR Valdada as a competitor against Nightforce for a possible future purchase.

I own Leupold Vari-X 111s 30 mm tubes with side focus, Sightron 30 mm tubes with side focus, Weavers, Burris, standard 1" Sightrons, a Tasco here and there, etc.

For my really good shooting benchrest quality rifles, I demand the best. Reading the info. on the Schott web site is impressive and informative with respect to the quality of their optics. Schott has been around since the 1880s, designs glass for satellites, telescopes, radiation, environments, etc. Clearly, they know their business.

Lou Baccino
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