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Well, I ordered the Schmidt and Bender 12.5-50 x 56 with 1/8 click value and p4f in the second plane. It won't be here anytime soon. I will let you all know what it is like after I have had it a few weeks.
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I'll bet you will be very pleased!
Did you check out the 6mmbr article on the March scopes introduced at the shot show?
Seems there is always something coming out to make things more difficult!
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The MARCH sounds like an excellent scope if it lives up to the hype. Lou is going to do a comparison compared to leupys and german stuff.It should be interesting...I will wait for more input until I decide.The 5-32 would be perfect for my application.
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Here is a reply for the For What it is Worth Department.

This last weekend my wife and I shot a 300 meter F-Class match with our 6mmBR's both equipped with NightForce 12-42x56 scopes using the CH-3 reticles. We were able to see the bullet holes in the black targets as well (thankfully in the X-ring) as in the 1" orange spotter discs while shooting at 42 power.

I know this is not a long range, but this was never possible with my Leupold or Weaver scopes in the past. Admittedly these scopes are MUCH cheaper that the NightForce, but I was very impressed with them.

I for one, am very happy with my NightForce scopes.

I have one US Optics scope and all I can say about the glass in it is WOW.


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I recently bought a Nightforce 12-42 BR scope for my Remington 5r 308. I think it is the greatest scope I have ever used. Last week shooting benchrest I shot a 246 out of 250 in Factory class and won the class. I have won several matches with this rifle but this is the highest score I have ever shot and the wind was blowing 15 -20 miles per hour, harder than any other matches I have won in. You can't have my scope it is a keeper.
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I really did cause you to buy two nightforces, didn't I!Hope to see you in Little Rock this weekend.. I jsut bought another 12x42 NXS with the CH-3. I think that makes around 12 NF in the family now...If a person were to look at all the records(esp. long range - IBS, NBRSA, F-Class, etc), I believe that Nightforces reputation proceeds itself. They don't just walk the walk..they talk the talk as well..they are proven in competition worldwide, and well being used by alot of our military forces.

This being said, this past weekend at a 600 yard IBS match, I did get to sat down behind, and look though a March 20x60. I was very impressed!!! Seeing bullet holes was VERY easy at 600 yards...I can see them with my Nightforce as well, but the 60X made it much easier. I'd have to give the March a hard look as my next competition scope..

As far as IOR...before you buy one, you'd better ask about getting it worked on!! One that we have has never held focus..have to refocus after ever shot...turning the focus knob pulls a sled along inside the tube..over tighten(and it doesn't take much!) scope rings, you end up stretching the springs on the sled resulting in the scope not staying in focus..ask me how I know this....the scope has to be sent over seas to be worked on.....Not trashing the IOR, just relaying my story...
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Well I belly-ached about the glass in the first nightforce I bought a year or so ago but for target purposes I thought it was simply outstanding.Anyways I got tired of waiting for the other 2 scopes I ordered many months ago( which still haven't arrived), so I just ordered another nightforce 2 days ago and received it today. It is a 8-32x56 BR . This is definitely a better scope than the previous 5.5-22x50 NSX model I purchased and subsequently sold.I am very pleased with this one.It has a markedly sharper image( it was the first thing I noticed).Are the BR models simply better or did they change the glass in the past year? Anyways, to state it again I am very pleased with the glass in this one.
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Is the glass in the Nightforce BR models better / clearer than the NXS models? Canuck could it be the 50mm objective in the NXS versus the 56mm objective in the BR model ? I've been looking at a 5.5 x 20 -50mm NXS for my 6BR Thanks for the input
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