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i'm about to receive a 700 rem short in 6m Br has a heavy 20" ss barrel w 1~14 tw..
i wonder if i could get some of pet loading data from you 6m Br shooters ...
i have on order lupau brass an have rem. sm. 7 1/2br primers on hand.. one of most
conserns would be what is the heavist bullet weight [flat or boatail ] i would use...
i did a search found that a .730 long bullet at 3000 fps should work well , but haven't
any idea how to find brand or weight.. i'm open any an all suggestion an or pet loads
as well... hope ive laid out enough info..
Thanks in advance....
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25A1260: Two of my four 6BR's (my favorite ctg) are 1-14 with .265" tight fitted necks, both cut with the same chambering reamer, back to back, so as identical as is possible/ ammo is interchangable. One a Shilen and the other a Hart, both heavy varmint contour. Best, most consistant bullet, over the years has been the ever reliable Berger 68 gr. Match #24411. They are seated to touch. Standard powder has always been 30 grs. of VV N133, with Fed. 205, but Rem 7 1/2 is the back-up second choice. Have never been able to see any difference: both excellent. Did try CCIBR4, & did notice a very slight increase in group size. Also use the Sierra 70 gr. #1505, same load otherwise, also very good, but the preference remains the Berger. Did try a few 75 gr. Match when the barrels were new, but did see larger group sizes, so never go above 70 gr. O.A.L. of the 68 Berger is approx. .848", your dimension is really short. All rifles are different so you'll have to fine tune your choice of load, whatever it may be. This is just what works for me.
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thanks fdshuster..
i'm get hyped up on the expectations, but was hoping to use a heavier bullet. i guess 70 is about it, do you think it'll reach out to 500yrds.. one match i can get into shoot 1,3 & 500yrds.
i'll be pic'n it up next.. its a no turn neck an not sure of the maker of the barrel or if it a tight bore or not.. i've used the sierra 1505 in my .243 700vls an it shoots nice.. other 223 thats the lightest bullet i've shot so far so 68gr will be a new experience
i was fooling around with the Powley online program [a freeBee]an when it gave me the .730 length on the bullet it did sound pretty small an deciced ask here an see what you guys are doing
i'll need to order some stuff so i figured det info needed now an test for the best..
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RichG: I must confess, I've never fired the 1-14's in competition further than the 300 yd. matches. Going out to 4 & 500 yd. matches, the 1-8 twist Hart barrel is used. That standard load is listed on this sites 6BR page as 31 grs. of Varget, Berger 95 gr. VLD, seated .010" jam, CCIBR4 primers, at a chronographed velocity of 2995 fps out of my 26" barrel. The 1-8 has a .272" no-turn neck, as does the fourth chambering, a 1-9.25 twist. That one favors a 85 gr. match bullet. Your suggested bullet length got my attention and I measured the oal of the little, tiny 58 gr. V-Max that I sometimes use in the 1-14's for short range. They average .795" oal, so I don't know where you would find a match bullet, with any weight to it at all, that is only .730" oal. Just measured some 22 cal. 55 gr V-Max bullets & they average .815", so again, I don't know how you can find 6mm at that length. The little 58 V-Max's are used on live g'hogs at 200 yd. and less and are "explosive" to say the least. Some, not all, of these computer generated programs have little info that is based on reality. Just my opinion.
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Occasionally a 14 twist will stabilize a 80 gr Berger.
However I would probably recommend shooting a 68 gr Barts ultra using n-135 or Varget. This has been a great combo for me up to 300 yards.
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Any of the Bemchrest bullets will be fine, Berger, Barts, etc. Try the 80 gr. All of my 14 tw will shoot them. All fred with N135, Benchmark would be next powder.

I run and shoot a Eggshoot in Roanoke , VA. This year I shot a 14tw shooting 68 benchrest bullets. I cleaned the targets at 425 yds 12 2.5" clays. I lost afer 3 shootoff. I also hit an egg at 500yds.

Hunting bullets I use 70 gr Sierria Blitzkings.

Mark Schronce
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definitely sounds more incur aging...
well i have plenty of testing to do on the heavy's, but the lighter one like 68's sound like a match to the calibre..
Mark is the egg shoot open to the public .. what kind of a match do ya'all run there..
buy the way i appreciate all the info everyone has posted so far... thanks
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I run the Roanoke Egg shoot at We shoot 2.5" clays with all guns. Factory at 200yds, custom and modfied at 425yds. The eggs are shot at 500yds all guns shoot heads up 2 shot to break on egg. search on this site for "80gr bullets and egg shoot"

It is open to the public. look us and come and shoot.

Mark Schronce
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