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I spoke to Oehler at the NRA Convention.

They are looking at bringing the 35P back if there is enough demand. Letters would be good.
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I e-mailed Oehler asking if they were considering bringing the 35P back; if so, I would immediately order one. This is the reply:

The door is not completely closed, and we will keep you in mind.

Keep those cards and letters going to Oehler. Maybe we will see the 35P again.
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I have a 35p new in unopened box... just not sure what I should ask for it...
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I just purchase a CED from Sinclair for under $200. In placing it in front of my Oehler 35p with a four foot bar, the maximum difference in MV was 5 fps and the ES and SD were the same for the 12 five shot groups that I shot. The only advantage of the Oehler is the printer. The disadvantage of the Oehler is the set up time using the longer bar.
I did not find any advantage of one over the other in light conditions, both have problems with light conditions.
The 2 foot bar on the CED is just accurate as the 4 foot bar on the Oehler..... I do use both.

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The reason Oehler cited (to me) for discontinuing sales of the 35P was the printer it used.

Apparently Seiko / Epson decided the market was too small to continue production of that device in view of changes in printer technology over the years.

Oehler will still sell you (most of the) parts you'll need should something become npn-functional (oops!); you'll have to ask them if they have any printers in reserve.
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Just had the printer replaced in my 35P, The rubber rollers in the old printeres deteriorate, and won't advance the paper.
Here's their policy on replacing printers:

Since the introduction of the Model 35P almost twenty years ago, we have been pleased
with our choice of print mechanism. The little Epson mechanism is reliable, it uses little
power from the battery, and the printout does not fade with age.
The printers are manufactured in Hong Kong and are sold for use in small printing
calculators. No printing calculators are made in the USA, and Epson has decreed that no
mechanisms are to be exported to the USA; we have received none since 2003. We
discontinued production of the Model 35P chronograph in 2005.
Some users have had trouble with the printers. After working well for ten or fifteen
years, suddenly the paper doesn’t feed properly. The rubber friction rollers have
deteriorated. We cannot replace or repair the rollers, and we can’t buy replacement
mechanisms from Epson.
To support our customers, we’ve purchased a large number of printing calculators at
retail. We tear them apart and salvage the Epson print mechanisms. We use these
mechanisms to replace the failed mechanisms in Model 35P units. The newer
mechanisms print slower than the original units, but they use less energy from the battery.
Some of the printed characters are changed; you might see $ instead of S for standard
For many years our written warranty extended for three years, but we charged only for
those repairs related to bullet holes or similar damage. We must now charge $50 plus
return shipping to replace the print mechanisms on those units more than three years old.
If your Model 35P will no longer feed or advance the paper properly, the only fix we
know is the print mechanism transplant. Please return your unit with a note to Oehler
Research, 1308 Barclay Drive, Austin, Texas 78746.
If you include a check for $50, we will pay for the ground return shipping to a continental
US address. If you include a Visa or MasterCard number with expiration date, we will
bill for $50 plus the actual return shipping costs.
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Commendable service on their part!

Thanks for the post, Melvin!
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I thought it was very reasonable, and the printer works great!
If I remember correctly, it took about two weeks for them to repair and ship.
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