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Factory rifles allowed? Here's my favorite hunting rifle; .25-06 Rem 700 CDL with a fixed 6x Leupold scope. Not fancy but a good hunting rifle that keeps bringing home the venison. Easy to carry, and it shoots well.

For 12 years I've been using this .308 Rem 700 as a do-everything rifle. McMillan stock. Krieger 1:12 twist 24" barrel. Shoots well. I use it in NRA prone competition, some tactical comps, hunting and as my duty rifle.

Regards, Guy
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It just arrived home this week, after almost a year of import process.

It is a Stiller Predator action with custom bolt knob. Krieger 1-8 twist, 28 inches HV barrel in 6mmBR .272 nk. The stock is a Robertson GBF with adjustable butplate and cheekpiece (removable to ease cleaning).
Finish is Ceramic Bead Blast.

It is a switch barrel (the other barrel is a .308win 1-12).
Jewell HVR trigger, so the recoil lug is triple pinned.

All work done by Karl Kampfeld, from MI.

The forend is similar to the Low Rider stock, and I asked Ian (from Robertson Composite) to install an Anschutz Rail, so I can use with a bipod on FT/R.

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Check out today's Daily Bulletin -- your "pride and joy" is featured:
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Hello Moderator!

Thank you for the honor to be on the Daily Bulletin! I am really flattered!

I am new to the 6mmBR caliber, so I am loading my first loads with care and I will probably test it next week. I am anxious to see it in action! / was my inspiration on this rifle. Almost all my knowledge came from here! The Stiller Action I saw on Daily Bulletin. The same with the Robertson GBF stock and I found Kampfeld Custom on a post by a member on the Forum.

Thank you Moderator and all Forum members for all the help, information and to have this great website going strong!

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This is my newest custom. It is a little different than most of the others as I love nice wood and rust blue.
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Hello Butch, tell us a little about the big bore rifle.action? cal.? stock maker? metal smith? etc. That is a beautiful rifle. hope to do that nice of work some day. thanks, treeman
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This is a 275 Rigby, also known as a 7 Mauser. It is a Mexican Mauser with double square bridges welded and shaped. The bolt release is checkered, it has an Ed LaPour 3 pos safety, Blackburn trigger, Jerome Glimm bolt handle, and Blackburn bottom metal. The barrel is a Shilen CM that was turned half octagon by James Anderson of South Dakota{ACGG member}. The barrel has an island rear sight and a NECG banded front sight. The wood came from Roger Vardy in Australia. The wood and metal work was done by David Christman in Louisiana.
For the ones that haven't been to the Shilen Swap meet, David always comes and he gave a free siminar on stock bedding this year. Don't miss it next year.
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Originally Posted by LRCampos
It just arrived home this week, after almost a year of import process.

Luis, wow your rifle turned out great, definetly worth the wait. Your project gave me the idea for my rifles stock, I know you will like it very much.
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