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Originally Posted by taylor
Hey Jim thanks
yes i came third in world champs ,your right jim everyone in the top 10 were all using 7wsm of some sort ,
i use cci br2 primmers h4831 sc powder 56.5 grn and pointed 180 grn bergers ,i have to thank jim hardy for putting me onto the caliber,it has awsome accuracy i am getting 2930-2950fps with spreads in the 3-5
Grant Taylor


It is interesting that our match loads are so close. Yours is 56.5 and mine is 57.0 of H4831SC. The beauty of this chambering is that you can find a node that really hammers -- without any pressure. There are other nodes up the line a bit, but you found no reason to shoot there -- neither did I. But, it is nice to know that you can really pump it up on the fps if you have to.

As to your accomplishment with the 284 Shehane, I can sing long and hard about that. What a great job you have done. It is a funny thing that when you have an individual performance worthy of praise, the shooter must be humble. But when your friends do well, I can scream and shout. In that regard, you "cowboyed" up as we say in the South, and you EARNED it.

Favor Center,
Jim Hardy
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Hey Jim
thanks for your compliments much appreciated ,i have a freind that has a 284 shehane he tryed my load and its a hammer also as you said load for the velocity thats accurate 2930-2970fps
the accuracy is the key to this chambering
again thanks Jim
Grant Taylor
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So the major selling points for the 284 Shehane over the Winchester are: Less pressure at 2900fps and reduced bolt lift resistance(less bag disturbance).

Is there a major pressure problem using the 180s in the 284Win at the high 2800s? The standard .284Win is less than optimum case capacity for the 180 grain bullets?

I would like to be able to have a year round load with good velocity and not change loads throughout the year because pressure spikes from temperature. If the shehane does that over the standard it would be worth the investment cost in dies.

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The straight .284 is a great round. If you are not shooting in competition at 1000 yards, I would not even bother with the Shehane -- no real purpose to go that route. A perfect example is Charles Ballard. He has set records and won the Nationals with his .284 Straight. Not too much motivation for Charlie to change a thing as his gun hammers.

In short, the 284 Shehane is better than the straight in every way except for the fire form to reach the final case dims and the custom dies needed for the Shehane. But, depending on the shooting discipline you are engaged in, the difference between the straight and the Shehane may be difference without a distinction. BTW, my fire form load for the Shehane is 54 grains of H4831SC, and it shoots great during fire forming as you are only blowing out the body taper and not the shoulder -- an easy fire form.

Bottom line: Not much reason to go with the .284 Shehane if you are not eaten up with one of 1000 yard games where score is the criteria for the Gold.

Good luck,
Jim Hardy
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Jim, agreed, its just impressive to read what Ballard has done with the .284Win. His ability to read conditions must be phenomenal, and with a ballistically Superior caliber he's unstoppable until more convert to 7mm. I have a feeling more F-Class shooters will now convert after FCWC's results, many of the Brits used 7mm.

If the Scottish ever come back to Portland PNW International Champs I will need to be ready for them too.

I have everything except dies, so I will look further into the Shehane for my next 1000 yard chambering.

Fireforming loads are simply full strength standard Winchester loads, accuracy good enough for matches. Price of ammo is a huge concern when it comes to fireforming, so it will be done at matches.

Thanks, Tanner

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It sounds like you have a plan. As for Charlie Ballard, he leaves nothing unturned. He has a great kit and a chambering that will do the job. He also points it real well and knows when to shoot and when to stop. Charlie shoots great because he has worked hard to develop a total shooting package. What makes it even better is that Charlie is one of the many "good guys" in the sport.


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Great shooting at the FCWC.


You have pioneered a great long range chambering - congratulations. Can I ask for your advice on dies for FL resizing the 284 Shehane? Is there a 6.5-284 Shehane Redding body die that can have the neck reamed out? I would probably do the seater and neck sizer with Wilson die blanks and my own reamer.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for the kind words, but I asked my friend Bill Shehane for his permission to have a reamer cut for the "284 Shehane." I believe there were a couple of other shooters going that way out West on their 1000 yd BR guns. So, probably no origin thought here. I just figured that a .284 version of the 6.5x284 Shehane would be a very balanced 7mm with just enough extra punch over the straight 284 to get me where I wanted to be in the long range prone game. I was correct.

The problem with the 284 Shehane is that it cuts the wind so well that it will actually make you a weaker wind reader if you are not careful! I am currently shooting my Palma gun exclusively with 155 class bullets in an effort to learn that chambering prior to the Camp Butner leg of the U.S. Palma Team Tryouts in November. In fact, I will be shooting my Palma gun all the way through the long range events at Camp Perry this year (not the Shehane). Bottom line, I can take no credit for the chambering. I just knew a good thing when I saw it.

I had previously shot a 6.5x284 Shehane in one of my Heavy 1000 yd. BR guns using a Redding die. I figured I could just use that die with the correct bushing for the 284 Shehane. WRONG. The Redding die can be modified by a good smith for the 284 Shehane. I decided to go with custom dies from Jim Carstensen (JLC). Great dies.

You could also have one of the big super custom dies made by Al Warner. I am having Al do that for me as we speak. has a great article and review of the Warner die on this site.

Both Al Warner and Jim Carstensen are very timely with their work. However, on custom dies you always have the delay because of the necessary heat treat. Nonetheless, the JLC and Warner dies are top shelf product by top shelf craftsmen.

Favor Center,
Jim Hardy
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