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I am thinking on the 284 Shehane for the 1000yd BR matches.
Does any one shoot this caliber and what loads should I start with? I know there are lots of great calibers for this. But I want more barrel life than some of those give. And I am thinking about a Shehane ST1000 stock, any comments on stock or caliber choice will be apreciated...


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I think the 284 Shehane is an excellent choice. I have about 1000 rounds through mine and I have found accuracy to be excellent including the fireforming loads. It works well with a variety of powders and it is possible to achieve high velocity with accuracy without extreme pressures. It is a lttle early to tell about barrel life.
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Well, it is a fine 1,000 yard cartridge and the only flaw is fire forming the cases at the expense of barrel life, unless...

1. You have an inexpensive Savage with a cheap barrel chambered with the same reamer. The same rifle can be used with several different barrels to fire form various chamberings.

2. You have hydraulic forming dies. Haven't personally seen them or used them and thus will leave any recommendation to those who have in fact used them.

If I were to go to 7mm, I'd use a straight .284 with a no turn neck with about .004" clearance for the neck and throated long to keep the bearing surface of the bullet above the neck shoulder junction (the area of the donut), a 1.5 degree leade, Lapua brass necked up and just go with it.

As a thought on the reamer, buy your own. I'd recommend having your reamer ground to work dimensionally with Redding dies (or the dies of your choice). Dave Kiff ground mine to work with Redding dies and the dies just resize the brass enough rather than excessively.
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i have a 284 shehane and its very accurate with superb verticle spreads at 1000yds ,as for fireforming i fireform on fullpower loads that i had worked up and i cant tell the difference in accuracy
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Taylor, Thanks. What action and barrel are you using? And what powder and primers are you using? I have put in the orders for the components to build one, but it will be about 6 months down the road to being complete, due to the barrel being on a 4-6 month waiting list. And do you agree that the Edgewood mini gator is the bag for the 1000yd ?

Anyone out there with views on this can comment and
thanks for your help in advance
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IMHO, the 284 Shehane is the best balanced long range round there is -- bar none. I have shot more of this chambering (maybe) than anyone else, and it has proven better than I ever expected. Here is why:

You have to shoot a 30 Cal magnum with a 240 grain bullet to equal the performance of most 7mm chamberings with the 180 Berger VLD. With the 284 Shehane, you have .308 bolt face, medium action, Lapua brass, less powder than the 7 mags, great accuracy and ballistics even while fire forming, shoots inside the 6.5 AND the straight 284, the 300 WSM, and the 300 Win Mag with less recoil, twice the competitive barrel life of the 6.5x284, an EASY 2950 to 2975 in 105 degree heat (H4831SC) with no pressure signs, can run 3000 plus with N560 and RL-17, which is right there with the 7mm WSM etc.

And, congrats to Grant. I believe he placed 3rd in the F-Class Open division of the World Championships -- shooting a 284 Shehane. I also think the first 10 places were 7mm chamberings.

What is not to love about the 284 Shehane -- a no brainer for long range -- F-Class or Prone or 1000 yd BR. Yep, you have to have your dies made -- big deal. Al Warner, Jim Carstensen, Gre-Tan, etc. can help you with that.

Hello, Hello -- can you hear me now? The 7mm is knocking at the door and EVERYONE our team has to shoot against internationally has opened the door.

Favor Center,
Jim Hardy
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Hey Jim thanks
yes i came third in world champs ,your right jim everyone in the top 10 were all using 7wsm of some sort ,
i use cci br2 primmers h4831 sc powder 56.5 grn and pointed 180 grn bergers ,i have to thank jim hardy for putting me onto the caliber,it has awsome accuracy i am getting 2930-2950fps with spreads in the 3-5
Grant Taylor
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Hey jp
i forgot to answer you fully i use a BAT M round action and bartlein 32 finished barrel ,i use a precision rifle and tool f-class stock same as charles ballards on gun of the week on 6mmbr ,never used a tracker so cant help you their
but i believe i have a killer combination between caliber, barrel,action and the stock is to die for
Grant Taylor
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