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Hi. I'm new around here and am looking to build my first wild cat cartridge rifle. I ordered a Savage Model 12 LPV in .223 and am thinking of changing it to 20 VarTarg and putting a Gaillard barrel on it. I'm considering ordering a 20 inch (or possibly 22 inch barrel) and was wondering what the thought were on these different lengths? I'll be using to punch paper and gophers to 300 yards or so, and might use it for the occasional coyote at no more than 200-300 yards. If I'm looking for flying gopher/body parts should I concentrate my reloading on the 32 or 40 GR Vmax bullets? Thanks in advance.
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With the small case and fast powders for the 32s 20" to 22" I personally think would be okay. But liking longer barrels and slightly slower powder for the 40s I was thing 24" with 26" being to long. So I had mine cut to 24" not sure witch bullet would shoot the best for me.
So far I haven't seen anything impressive with the 40s. but haven't given then a real good test either after shooting the 32 vmaxs and 35 Berger's and finding what a joy they are to shoot and the accuracy I am getting from the Berger's and a 22BR to shoot the 40s+ if I want. Ground squirrels should be popping up around hear soon and I am looking forward to seeing what the little 20 can do there with both the 32s and 35s.
I have no doubt that someone will have a better idea on barrel length than I with such a small cartridge. But you have my opinion for what it worth.

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I shoot a few 20s and for the cart you have chosen (I built a 20 stinger My own desine) a lot like the vtarg. I shoot little timithy ground squrls out to 300 vary well with explosive results with the smaller bullets even the 34 grn dog town from mid way
In that small case I have, but dont wast my time with 40 grners thay shoot well but dont give me the explosion I realy LOVE.
the 20 classic or bigger will do the 40s with good results but rock chucks and sqrls I stick with the smaller bullets
Now coyotes I normaly shoot 35 grn or 40 grn Bergers.
For me the burgers are the ticket for funcion and thay hold together better than any others
I have not shot any Barns threw any thing but my stiger and a 20 ack hornet I do think thay will do dubol duty with coyotes as well but at lower vel thay are not as grafic as the dog town or v max and much mor expensive
Hope this Helps Kevin
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Sorry all mine sport 24 or longer brls I have 1 cut down to 20 inc but havent done any shooting with it yet I can give you more info next month after I shoot some more rats
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