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Looking for a suggested starting load for the nice little rifle Mickey Coleman built for me. It has a Douglas 12 twist, 22 inch barrel. I plan on using bullets up to 65 gr, but really would like to stay with the lighter bullets just because I have a bunch of them on hand and they are less expensive! I only shoot paper at 100 yards from the bench.

I fire-formed my 22 BR brass from re-FL sized 6mmBR Norma brass, made by Lapua. I use a Redding bushing (.249) die with 28 grains of Benchmark and WSW primers and a 52 gr A-Max bullet. Length to the ogive was 1.735. Results were okay for fire-forming, maybe 1 inch at 100 yards. Now I am ready to develop some accurate loads.

I plan to start load development using Hornady 55 gr V-Max and/or Nosler 50 gr Ballistic Tip "varmint" bullets. I have a bunch of these bullets which is the reason I selected them, and they are available usually in those 250 count boxes. I am usually a fan of Sierra bullets but I'm low on them right now.

Here's the powder I have on hand:
Benchmark .5 lb
H322 .5 lb
AA2230 .75 lb
H414 .75 lb
H4831sc .75 lb
H380 .75 lb
vv133 - several lbs (have been using it with 6PPC)

I don't believe I've seen anything above but Benchmark and H322 used with lighter weight bullets. I think Varget would also be good, although I've not seen many loads using that. I like Varget and use it with other calibers, but I'm out of it until the next gun show. <sigh>

So, anyone out there using the lighter bullets with Benchmark, H322, Varget or even vv133 they'd like to share? I'd gladly buy a loading manual if it included 22BR Norma loads, but I have not been able to find one.


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My 29" Shilen 12tw really likes H4895 and 55 & 60 gr Vmax's, it will actually bug hole the 60's. Hope this helps, your going to enjoy your 22br. Use the data listed for the 22br Rem. The only difference between the two cases besides Lapua's strength & quality is that the case neck is around 0.050 longer and the flash hole is smaller. The Rem brass case neck is a little shorter and the flash hole is larger.

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Thanks RJ, especially for the info on the REM vs Norma issues. That helps.

I don't have that powder, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I think I'll start up using H322 and lighter bullets, both of which I have on hand.
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Best powder with light bullets is either VV N-540 or VV N-135.

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PaperSniper999: Hodgdon includes load info for the 22BR, plus a lot of other "non-standard" ctgs. My 2008 copy has the 22BR on page 83. Favorite, most accurate load combo for my Shilen barreled 1-12 twist, .251 neck is: 28.5 of H322 w/ Sierra 53 gr. MatchKing #1400. Also works w/ 50 & 55 gr V-Max. Careful when approaching "top" loads. I had high pressure signs show up real fast, all of a sudden: very hard bolt lift & badly cratered primers. Reduced the charge .5 and all is well.
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The Sierra manual has 7 pages of 22BR.
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Thanks everyone for the help. I didn't realize I could use the 22 Remington BR load data at first. I appreciate seeing your favorite loads. I plan to do some load work up with H322 soon.

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For light bullets (Nosler 55 BTs) I use H322, it also narrowly beats Benchmark using Nosler combined technology 50 grain BT's.

For target loads using 64 grain Berger match I use RL-15, N135 was also very good but gave me to much FPS ! We are restricted on velocity on military ranges here in the UK
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