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I noted that David Tubb is now using Schneider Polygon barrels for his XTC rifles. Obviously they must be shooting pretty well. Anybody else have experience with polygon barrels in rifles, made by Schneider or Walther.

My only polygon experience is with HK pistols, that there the polygon profile works great. Barrels foul less and create a better gas seal for higher velocties.
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Gary Schneider barrels are one of the best in the USA barrel maker , Garry make is own barrel that not a big company with a brand name and perhaps make less advertissement than other company too .

Gary polygonal are very good in design and that real improvment in barrel making

PAC NOR make polygonal too but can make bigger longer barrel than Garry

Lothar make most regular polygonal ( not match barrel if I doesn t make mistake ) and they are not in 1.20 at the breech

good shooting

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If interested in contrasting views: keep in mind that Schneider's operation isn't single-customer optimized. Like stated, no advertising, website, email. He obviously doesn't prefer individual orders.
I found communication with Gary futile, and had to return a barrel twice because it did not measure per the original phone order. Also, even though I was promised the bore would be tightest at the muzzle, the barrels I recieved where full of stuff, and so could not have been measured internally. In the end, I tossed it & moved on to another barrelmaker.
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never get any problem of quality with Garry barrels since year , I even not check the barrel quality except by cleaning ( to remove any durst from shipping ) and make a visual check before chambreing/fitting

even if I am fully equiped in air gauge and endoscope I work in trust with top barrel maker and defective ( inside defect are very very uncommun in top barrel , I some time find off center profling but that not an inside defect and all of my quality remarq are always follow by a barrel change or other solutions ,

just a question : what way / stuff you use to check inside dims of a barrel

good shooting --
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I never said that I measured inside his barrels. It may have been one of them hummers that I tossed in a dumpster. Who knows.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who swear by them. And I wouldn't suggest that there is anything wrong with them.
I really was interested in polygonal, and am looking forward to shooting my T2K (hopefully ~Xmas).
If my barrel order had been correct the first time, or maybe the second time, I'd have orders for half a dozen right now I'm sure.
But thats the way things go for me sometimes. I'll say this; Recent barrels from Lija(3), Broughton(2), and Border(2), came to me as ordered -the first time. They had the correct external dimensions, and the lapping compound was atleast cleaned out of them. Who knows, maybe they even measured before marking the muzzle end. That was one of the things asked for, & they got everything else right.

A fellow asks for inputs on a product before investing. Now I'm sure he's interested in the bad as well as the good, or he wouldn't have asked. This so far seems to be an open forum. If negative comments or experiences should not be posted here, let me know. I'm trying to help.
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I dont understand what you want as outside dims , outside dims is profiling and tolerance of profiling are a bit broad ( generaly in the 0.01 of inch )and except if you send a drawing with special tolerances to respect .
I never check the outside diameter with accuracy , just check if that hevay varmint , light varmint.. BUT I always check the cocentricity of the inside to the outside because off center profiling is not good for accuracy and look bad ( off center muzzle

I agree than when there is a problem with a barrel maker that a problem but if your order one barrel and you get one problem that not 100% of bad , that because I try to stay with few barrelmaker order enought barrels to get a good picture of their quality with the time and work in trust

good shooting

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