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this is a scored benchrest match, mo moving targets, just paper with standard ibs targets.
shooting of farley coxal rest, all adjustments are tight.
all rest pins are in contact with bench and only pins, no "speed screw".
i have mcminlin stock, i set rear bag bout 1 inch from rear of stock, so grip is not touching bag.
the bags, both rear and front rest came prefilled, front came from farley filled and rear came for proteker filled. have not changed bags since i recieved them.
what does the rubber do to the front peg on the rest?
shots will change in all directions, if and when they change it is usally to the left and up, with wind coming from my left, therefor the shot should be low to the right. some times i will hold on the chigger on the spotter and hit it then move to the first score and miss. looking at it every shot on the 3 score on the left side is off.
target setuo is 1st score bottom left 2nd score middle left 3rd score top left 4th score top right 5th score middle right spotter bottom right.
i shoot spotter first then 1,2,3,4,5. coming back to spotter if i see wind change. i can hit in the 10 ring most of the time on 4 and 5. but always miss 1,2,3.
it seems that when i shoot the 3rd target and make adjustment for shot on 4th target it hits where i am holding. same on 5th. i have had people wacth me, some advice was taken and did not affect it, still the same outcome.
how or who can tell me about bag fill?
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Rear bag base should be filled to full shape of bag, but not to point where bottom starts to get round and begins to rock.
Rear bags ears should be firm and readily take the contour of the stock....the sides of the stock should be in contact with the ears... Not the bottom of the stock. Many use regular sand mixed with parakeet gravel in the ears instead of heavy sand.
Most pre-filled bags are not filled enough.
The front bag should not be so hard you can't indent it with moderate thumb pressure....yet the ears should be filled to their full shape.

This is my proceedure in setting up:
1-place front rest on bench with the the rest square to the target.. Play close attention to "square" even if you have to use a framing square to don't want the rifle in the bags cattywonkers to the target.
2- slam rear bag on bench.Align rear bag between front bag and target....stand back from your bench position several feet to do verify alignment.
3-place rifle in bags, level the rest, and again make minor bag/rest adjustments to get crosshairs on target
4- mark benchtop with the outline of your set-up using tape (If multiple relays)
5- slide rifle back and forth in bags-make sure your bags are slick, tighten front rest side plates to minimize side play
6- pound buttstock into rear bag
7- lock all adjustment knobs on rest.

Some questions:
Are you shooting free-recoil?
Do you have tracking problems? After each shot does it return to battery without having to reset the elevation adjustment or moving the rear bag?
Have you tried shooting targets in reverse sequence or zig-zag?
What happens if you shoot multiple shots at the sighter (spotter) before going to record targets?
Remember a cold bore shot will usually go elsewhere from the pack....try just running the targets and holding off for conditions
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