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i was at a state shot this last weekend in ky, i was shooitng my 6 ppc, loaded at range so i could adjust the load for temp change. we were shooitng at 100 and 200 yard, like always. during warm up shoot i tried 3 different loads, settle in on a good load, shot .115 inch at 100 yards on my spotter target.
during the shoot i was cutting the center on the spotter, but could never seems to find the other scored shots, the wind was nothing, most shot 250 24x at 100 and 250 20x at 200, great shooting, but not me.
i tried everything that i could think of, changed nothing on my set up at the bench, but just never could get it together. someone mentioned maybe parralax in the scope, never thought of it before, but thinking about it, it started to make since.
every time i came back to my spotter, there it was, an x every time, but when i went to the scored it went out.
has anyone else ever had that problem? and if soem what is the fix?
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Was the match using a moving backer system? If so, could your shots have all been in the same small hole?

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There have been threads about bag setup and impact it has when moving from one target to the next. A search might provide insight to your problem.

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I feel naive regarding this high-power scope shoot-out. Moving targets with 20+ power? cliffy
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Cliff: Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the follow up question was related to stationary ( not "moving, like in a running deer match), targets, at different locations/distances, requiring that equipment and firing position(s) be changed, while the match is in progress. If this is true, then a high magnification scope (20x) would not be a handicap, with the narrow field of view, etc. Having to "re-adjust" in the middle of a match is a valid cause for concern if groups & their sizes are not consistant.
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This apparently was a score match.

I also would look to faulty bag set-up.
* make sure all rest adjustments are tight
* make sure you firmly "plant" the rest pins into the bench top
* make sure your rest base is elevated....only the legs are contacting the bench-top.....make sure their is plenty of daylight under there
* If using a "speed screw" place a coin under the leg point (every speed screw I have had required reworking---- there was backlash in the threads causing it to subtly drop upon recoil)
*make sure that no part of the stocks pistol grip is contacting the rear bag as it recoils
* if your rest has a fore-end a piece of foam rubber or other soft mat'l on this post
* Like was stated earlier do a search on proper bag filling.
A front bag that is too hard will cause problems as will a rear bag that is too soft.

Is the problem only with elevation changes? What happens if you only shift the shots still run errant?
Have some other competitor observe your bench technique while "running" the score target.
I have run across handling problems to no end.
Let us know your equipment type and shooting style so we may better pinpoint the likely cause.
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LHSmith: Your comment about the speed screw caught my eye, big time! I just added the Sinclair speed screw to my Sinclair rest, am experiencing more vertical than previous, and notice that I must re-adjust to lower the horizontal crosshair after each shot. I'm using the Sinclair neoprene/stainless "discs" under each leg, and also notice a "ratcheting" reaction when sometimes adjusting. I don't want to tie up the thread, but could you explain what I must do to rework for the backlash problem? Feel free to send a PM, or an e-mail to: I think until I get the problem solved, I'll return to the original equipment rear screw with the lock nut. Thanking you in advance. fdshuster
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