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Are you saying primers are readily available! I fail to see where this deluge of primers is available . . . certainly NOT though "normal" sources. Will I pay $80+ per thousand for common primers, I expect not and not into the future. Stop Obsama and return to AMERICAN norns pricewise, is what I think as an American Veteran of Vietnam Era. Cliffy
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Short Term problems? I doubt this seriously. It hasn't been short-term thus far. Running DRY of primers seems forever term, at least through 2012. Fortunately, I have twelve primers left, so I will load with great discretion for the great HUNT I have planned for the elusive WHITETAIL in upper Michigan. Twelve rounds are better than NONE.
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Why bother attempting to have a reasonable dialogue? You have already made up your mind that everyone and anyone related to the manufacture, distribution, and sales of reloading components is responsible for YOU having only twelve primers left. Is it the gas station's fault when you run out of gas? Is it the grocery store's fault when you are out of coffee? Start taking some responsibility for YOUR situation. Primers, at very fair prices, are available. You have no right or claim to expect treatment from manufacturers that is any different than any other citizen. Here is a widely known fact; as ammo prices continue to climb, more and more individuals will start reloading their own ammo so they can continue to enjoy affordable shooting.

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Picked up a brick of Remington 7 1/2s at Cabela's today for $33. Could have bought more, they had them. They're out there, just look.
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i feel your pain. i myself have not been able to find any at local shops or online. i bought some at the begining of all this crap, but they were old stock. have you tried getting on a backorder list? i've heard of people getting some that way if your not in too big a hurry. you obviously shoot alot to only have 12 left and maybe you should of been more conservative.......sometimes it pays to have friends and maybe you can find a few more primers some where. if i were you i would try and put an add in the paper or go out and try to find people that may have some. i know there are proly a bunch of guys who started reloading prior to the election and proly bought way too many more primers than they'll ever use.

my question after reading this is why the hell are they shipping U.S. made primers to Canada and Australlia when the shortage is here?

don't get me wrong i love hodgdon powder and would also love to visit australia. maybe they haven't shipped a whole lot of primmers over there given that only like, what, 25% of austrailia is populated. i don't know for sure but i'm guessing that proly one shippment of primmers to australia wouldn't last 2 days on the shelves of texas gun shops. i'm sure we'll be able to get some befor too long, but for the meantime all i can say is this sucks!
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You are in the right area when you talk about populations in Canada and Australia versus U.S. demand versus size of "foreign" shipments.

Canada has 1/10th the population of the U.S. most of whom are along the U.S. border. Northern Canada is empty.

Australia has 2/3rds the population of Canada most of whom are on the coasts. Central Australia is empty.

A year`s supply of primers in Canada is probably equal to a year`s supply for one large U.S club. My numbers may be not quite correct but you can see the point I am making. So a shipment of primers into the Toronto area might keep one club in Texas going for a week.

The amount of primers being shipped out of the U.S. to Canada and Aussie is miniscule compared to the overall U.S. demand.

A similar analogy can be used for clay targets for trap and skeet. One large shotgun club in Michigan will use more clay targets in a year than all of Canada combined.
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haha, yeah i kinda answered my own question there. i had already typed so much i jst went ahead and posted it.

shoot. i may jst have to move to australia. that way if there's a powder shortage i'll still be able to get some. lol. plus i hear that there is like 7 woman to each man and one us dollar is equal to two aussie dollars.

i wouldn't ever bang a hooker, but i hear that's legal over there too!
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1000ydstare. As many shooters at a Michigan club shoot as the whole of Canada, Jeeze, thats impressive. While I enjoy turning up to a shoot with 4-500 shooters, I dont think I will go to a large club shoot in Michigan and try to find parking with another 50000 shooters there.
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