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Actually I was talking about the number of targets shot at, not the number of shooters, but you get my drift. The average U.S. shooter burns way more powder in a year than his counterpart north of the border which may be one reason for the primer problem in the U.S.

Lawry is the major (only?) clay target manufacturer in Canada. He is a member of my club and says that 90% of his targets are shipped to the U.S., even as far as Texas. If he sold only in Canada he would go bankrupt.
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Primer demand does not equal availability. Herein lives the dilemma! CCI, MagTech, Federal, Wolf, Remington, and all the other BIGGIES cannot supply what could make them filthy rich. Something's "fishy." All the bullets available cannot be fired without lowly PRIMERs. Call me paranoid, okay, some of you have done so already, or worse. I'm thick-skinned, so pour it on. Tell me how so many people are running out of primers, when manufacturers are "trying to keep up." Where are these primers going? Most prime sources are refusing to take primer backorders because it holds up "normal orders!" Now that's scary! cliffy
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Years ago there was a huge primer shortage the same thing as what is occurring now. Nobody had them, nobody could get them, conspiracy theories abounded. Finally supply caught up to demand and it was smooth sailing for years until now.
Having said that, I feel the Primer manufacturers feel the same thing is happening now and if they would go ahead and spend the mega dollars to expand their operations when the supply catches up to the demand they'll be stuck with all this new tooling.
Any profits they would have made will then go up in smoke.

Right now the scalpers are charging $50+++ per thousand, double what they are worth. If you don't have any you only have two choices. Stop shooting or pay the price.
My advice is that when this shortage does get better buy five or ten thousand of each primer you use then as you use them rotate your stock and replace those used and you'll never run into a shortage again. Same goes for powder and bullets. I know it's going to be a big outlay but just think if you'd have bought bullets when they were $16 per hundred, primers when they were $102 for 5000 and powder when it was $96 per eight pound jug just how far ahead you would be now.

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Paranoia aside, there is a shortage of primers. They're not impossible to get (I bought a case of 5,000 Federal 205M's from Natchez three weeks ago for $33.70/thousand) but you have to actively look for them - they're not gonna' fall in your lap.

But how about the numbers:

300,000 reloaders in the US. Let's assume they use 2,000 primers a year each. In a "normal" political environment most would probably only buy that number a year or a production/consumption number of 600 million. That's a lot of primers.

The political environment goes to hell in a handbasket and the reloaders panic. Instead of two bricks they buy ten bricks each (not everyone did but some bought hundreds, believe me). That's a demand of 3 billion primers - five times the production capacity. If the primer manufacturers double their capacity we're still short by 1.8 billion and with a doubled capacity it takes three plus years to catch up.

Lastly, I don't know any active shooter who can't find primers. If somebody's running low there are plenty of guys at the clubs who have a 100K or so stashed away and are willing to help out at the price they paid. The bottom line here is if you're out of primers and can't get any you've got other problems too.
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The companies who manufacture reloading components such as primers and brass such as those listed above couldn't survive on our sport's revenue. They manufacture loaded ammo. That is their business, plain and simple. A very small portion of the components they manufacture are sold as reloading components to our sport. If the demand for their finished products is beyond their production capability, where do you think they are going to use their "raw materials"?

If you think any company could get "filthy rich" making primers, put your money where your mouth is, and start your own primer company. If the shortages are really that bad, you will be very successful, and laugh all the way to the bank. You are only a victim of a conspiracy or evil plot if you allow yourself to be....
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GOOD post gunamonth, I heartily agree with it especialy the last paragraph. If your shootin BUDS have primers and they aren't willing to spare a couple ,Well you know theres got to be a reason for it.
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Originally Posted by dreever

Bruno's has the following primers in stock via their website:

Federal 205M
Winchester WLR
Mag Tech PR-SR


Cliffy---better go outside and start looking for the Black Helicopters circling your house!!!
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Cannot comment about primer availability anywhere else, but I've not had a problem here in Southwest Pa. One type, or another (manufacturer) always seems to be on the shelves at this or that shop. When everyone said CCIBR4's were not available, I walked into my little local gunsmith's shop and he had a carton of 5 thousand sitting on the counter. I bought 2 thousand & split with my son. Like anything else, you have to shop around, and when you find them, buy more than 100. Varget not available? Same gunsmith just received a 10# case, 10, 1# cans. Price? $26 out the door.
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