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just toying with buying a RCBS chargemaster i have read back through the post regarding this bit of kit and read up on the comparison test v. other electric powder throwers.
my main concern is if the early problems with these models have been ironed out-or is the jury still out.
would i be best buying a REDDING BR30 type powder dispenser.
the eventual purchase will be to load .17-.22br-6br cal.
any thoughts or pointers to tell me NOT what to buy.
atb garyw
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I don't know about "early problems" but I am really enjoying my Chargemaster 1500. A valuable addition to my bench.
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I got in early with the ChargeMaster and have had 4 of them as they progressed through their development. This last one is wonderful and I would not ever want to be without it. One thing to remember is that it uses a trickle system to throw the powder and some granular sizes trickle better than others - not a design error, it just how the powder is made. Some have found putting a soda straw helps but I use it as is.

I highly recommend it especially if you are loading for high power shooting where you have to load a lot at a time. Just tap in the weight and let it automatically dispense and then recheck itself.

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I started loading over 40 years ago. I made a big mistake 10 years ago and sold all my stuff during a move. 2 years ago I got back into the hobby and purchased a 1500. I really like it. I have only reloaded about 500 rounds. I have only had one charge that was over weight. It may not be the fastest way to reload but I use reloading to make my Minnesota winters go faster so I am in no hurry. If you weigh and then seat the bullet while the next charge is dispensing the whole process would go faster. I would never go back to my old Lyman 55.
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The Chargemaster I have works great, and if a problem arises, you can count on RCBS to stand behind their products. Highly recommended.
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had mine 6mo..wondered why i waited so long..great !!!
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I have an 8 month old Chargemaster and my high end powder measures are getting cobwebs now.

There is a small learning curve (at least for me) on setting up and saving the load data. I just keep my manual handy but pretty much have it down now and am up to 10 saved pet loads.

Powder trickling has always been the biggest pain of the reloading process for me and I can rest easy that my finished rounds are within a tenth of a grain, something I can not do with a +$200 powder measure. I would not waste money on another scale or powder thrower, granted a BR measure may be needed for loading at the range, but for the home, the Chargemaster is simply awesome.

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I have had my Charge Master for over a year. Without doubt is is the best investment I have made in my reloading room with regard to precision reloading. I am considering buying a second to have one at each of my presses.
Nat Lambeth
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