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I have an RCBS FL 2 die set for my 243 winchester. According to their website and the directions that came with the dies for the bullet seater die:

"19. Bullet Seating (Part 1)
Thread the seater die a few turns into the press. Put a case in the shell holder and lower the press handle, running the ram with the case to the top of the press stroke. Turn the die body down until it stops. The crimp shoulder in the die is now pressing against the top of the case mouth. Back the die out one turn, raising the crimp shoulder above the case mouth. Secure the die in position with the die lock ring."

Why would you back it out one full turn, wouldnt that cause the die to not crimp the case? I am a little confused because of this. Any experience here would be nice. Is this because the bottleneck casing of the 243 win isnt supposed to be crimped? Thanks.
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Brett: If you must use a crimp on your seated bullets, you do not want to be applying the crimp while the bullet is being seated into the case neck. They must be done as two seperate operations. In my opinion, most of us do not crimp: there just is no need, and if you are using a high quality bullet, it most likely will not have a crimping cannalure anyway. To verify what I'm saying, take a look at the 2009 fold-out bullet catalog from Sierra. They show 13 6mm jacketed bullets, 10 classified as GameKing & Varmint, and not a single one is offered with a crimping groove. There just is no need to crimp. The sizing die that came with your 2 die set squeezed the inside neck dia. down to approx. .002" to .003" smaller than bullet dia., and that is normally more than enough to hold the bullet in place. I've loaded many thousands of rounds for my M1 Garand (30-06) and Match AR-15's, 223, and have never crimped a single round, and never had to call an ammo related alibi. Yes, I do crimp ammo for my Marlin lever-action Silhouette rifles, but with a spring loaded magazine tube pushing against the bullet noses, and the in-line recoil, it is required. A crimp will do nothing for you.
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Frank thanks for the response, this is what I was thinking too but since I am new to reloading figured Id better ask the experienced! I am using 85gr Gamekings and yes your right no cannelure. Thanks again.
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Brett: yes, that Sierra 85 gr. HPBT GameKing is an excellent choice. A hunting bullet and it has consistantly produced match bullet group sizes for me in my 6BR's, 243, 6mm22-250, etc. Their 75 gr #1510 is also excellent. I use the 75 gr. flatbase for "shorter" distances around 250 to 300 yd max, then go to the 85 gr. #1530 for 300+.
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I have heard nothing but good things about the Sierra Gamekings so I am going to make 10 rounds at the min charge tonight and try them out hopefully tomorrow and go from there.

I am using lapua brass, Hodgdon 100v, Remington 9 1/2 primers, and the 85gr HPBT Gamekings (as you already know). I probably would have used a different powder but when I got this powder had been dried up for months so may as well try it out til I can get something else.
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