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Finally got a chance to work on a load this morning. I was using the Berger 120gr boat tails as Ive ran out of 123gr Scenars. I laoded up the rounds using RE-15 with charges from 37.2 to 38.0gr. These were shot at 275yd. So far this is the best Ive ever shot! the 5 group average was .716" with 2 terrible froups in there.

Im having a hard time deciding which load to try some more. 37.2, 37.4 or 38.0? Iv not played with seating depth any either. What should be my next step?


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You are getting some vertical on your lower charges, I would stay with 38 and possibly bump it a little if no pressure signs.

The 38 grain group shows the most promise. Where you in the lands ? How did you determine your seating depth ?
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I was thinking the 38.0 looked liek a better grouping myself. The distance was Lasered at 279yds.

on the seating depth, I had the piece that was cut off the end of the barrel and ran the reamer into it. Those were set about .015" off the lands. I need to get a modified case so I can actually keep track where the throat is.

So far thats the best Ive ever shot at that distance. I still cant help but think a better rear bag and front rest I could pick up, if not more accuracy but consistancy.


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Sweet lookin rig and a fine caliber to boot. Now with that being said and not raining on your parade, I need to recommend some ideas...
1)The front rest is o.k....but I would drape some sandbags on the legs just to add weight+stabilize the rest and I would 100% change the bag either to a SEB or Edgewood. I espically like the cordura bags.
2)The rear bag..change it too to a Protecktor or Edgewood.

Adding these items alone will improve the groups espically when you stretch this rig out. Remeber when testing bullets on paper, make sure your holding, applying pressure, and letting the gun recoil the same nearly identical to the last shot and shot before and etc,etc..... I personally didn't know how much having the right bag for the game meant until last year. When you can keep groups hoovering around 3/4" @ 400yds. Bags make that much difference.

O'yea..keep trying the 38.0gr load and also try the first one too. Slower might be the best for that powder/barrel/bullet combo.
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Thanks alot for the help. Ive been working on my rest and bag setup a little at a time. And it seems to be helping.

From what i can tell, the gun is not tracking straight i the rear bag. I have to re-adjust the windage each shot. And when i get setup behind the gun and touch the stock with my shoulder I can see the crosshairs moving side to side. So i have too steer it a little bit.

As soon as I can im going to get a Protektor with the base and cordura ears. and see if I can modify my rest some more.

Thanks Again,

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