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As noted in another post I am going to convert a Savage 12 LPV 22-250 to 6mmBR. I will be shooting mostly short range, 100-300 yards but do want to be able to buck the wind somewhat. Does that put me in the 1:10 / 95+/- grain range? What twist would you guys recommend, and what neck size? I neck turn for this and other guns so that isn't a problem but read on this site where that may not offer much value. Thoughts?

I really do appreciate the responses that I get on this site.
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You would be fine with a 14 to 12 tw and shoot 60 to 80 gr bullets out to 500 or 600yds. With a 10 tw you could go up to 95gr bullets. I have a 10 tw 6BR that will shoot 95Gr Bib's and 90Gr BT Berger's very well. With a 8 tw you will be able to shoot 108 gr and down. For your 100 to 300 yds you would not need the VLD's, A good flat base bullet or BT only would be best. Like Bib's 95 & 108 gr , Berger 80, 88 and 90BT, 108 BT. These bullets are very eazy to tune and stay in tune, unlike the VLD. For my long range shooting I have changed to the 108 BT Berger's. You can shoot lighter bullets in an 8tw with very good accuracy, but you can't shoot a 108 in a 10tw.

I have guns with one of each twist, so I can change to what barrel or gun I want, with no problem.

The 8 tw may be the best pick for you, and will cover all bases.

Mark Schronce
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Do you have a perspective on neck size? Will I loose anything at short range if I go to a 1:8?
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It depends on what you are going to do with the rifle? One hundred to three hundred yards of competition benchrest??, big varmints, little vermin? Some 8" twist barrels shoot lighter bullets fairly well but overall you will give up accuracy in the ranges you mention not even considering the light bullets will shoot a with less drop and arrive on the target faster. A 12" twist barrel is a decent barrel for the distances you mention and will shoot up to and including some 90 grain hunting bullets.

A 13.5" or 14" twist would be best for benchrest competition out to 200, maybe three hundred yards but would restrict you to 70gr or less bullets. I haven't found the 10" twist barrel to be best at much. The 8" twist is a great long range paper punch barrel but the 105-108gr bullets do not expand well for varmint shooting and have a rainbow trajectory that is tough to shoot without rangefinding each distant shot.

.272" is a standard no turn neck with Lapua brass,
HTH's Rodbolt
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