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I'm thinking of buying a Remington Police rifle in 338 Lapua Mag but i was wondering if anyone had any info on them. I'm not sure if they used the same long action or if there are any changes. Wasn't sure if it would be better to buy this one complete or if i could build one on a standard long action. I would appreciate any info. Thanks!!!
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They use a Magnum length action, it's too long for a standard LA rifle. It also has a larger bolt face than a normal LA.

Sniper's Hide has a long range forum with many many guys shooting this caliber, some of them are recording repeatable hits in the 2000y range. That's a pretty good basis of information to talk about over there.

I don't know what the cost of the Rem. complete rifle is, but from what I continue to read, the Sako TRG-42 is THE off the shelf rifle to get without trading a kidney for an Accuracy International.
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Love my Trg 42 and would recommend this rifle to anyone!!!

I have made hit out to 1500 yards, and I am planning on going out to 2000 this summer!!!

I can drive a 250 gr. Scenar to 3150 in this gun and the recoil is nill, with the sako brake!!! 100 yard groups are under 3/8"!!!

Spend the extra cash and get the Trg 42!
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I just purchased a TRG 42.Do you mind sharing your load with the 250's. I've loaded 90.0 gr.of H4831 SC. It shot 3/8 @100 but only at 2835 fps 6sd
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aprapro, I also would like you to share your 3150 fps load and COAL.
Are you using the factory length TRG barrel?

3gunner, If you can run down some IMR-7828ssc start at 86 grns and work upto 89.5 This should net you close to 3000 fps
My testing was done a couple years ago durring the summer in Fla. 90 deg F. COAL 3.75 with a 250 Grn Scenar. If you are above 90 degrees I would back off your starting charge another grain
By the way, with a 250 grn Scenar anything over 2750 fps will get you to 1000 yds easely

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With some testing I found that the .338 Lapua works well with H-1000 and the AI version loves US869. I started well below max and worked up to a load of 100 gr. of H-1000. This load averaged under 1/2 moa and shot well. I tried US869 and was not impressed with the amount of powder needed to obtain an avg velocity below 2900fps.

Looking over the burn rate charts I found that Retumbo was faster than US869 and slightly slower than H1000. So I started low and worked my way up and found the magic load of 100 gr. of Retumbo and the 250 Scenar at 3150 avg.

As far as rifle goes the barrel is a factory stainless but the chamber is huge!!! Maybe the reason why I get the velocities I do but besides that I still maintain the accuracy. C.O.L. I am not sure as I am not at my load bench for the next couple of days but I run the Scenar .010" off of the lands and they feed from the mag with no problem. And I use a Fed 215M Primer.

Hope this helps !! ask away if you have anymore questions!!!

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okey dokey
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apapro, this is what I came up with using Retumbo 100 grns.

You said you had a huge chamber so I increase H2O volume by three grains over a standard SAMMI chamber fired case volume.
I input a COAL of 3.8 which should be into the rifling with a start pressure of 9000 psi. Ambiant temp was set at 80 deg fairenheight. I also bumped up the burn rate as I still couldnt reach 3150 fps without doing it.

If in fact you are actually getting 3150 fps it cant be very good on that expensive Lapua brass.

How many reloads are you getting out of your brass.

Hope this helps you see where you are at as far as aproxamate pressures.

You will need to save the thumbnail as an attatchment in order to see it full size. Sorry I couldnt figure out how to make it full size. It fell within the parameters of downloads

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