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I agree with FALPhil unless you already own a 700 action save your money and buy a Stiller Predator it's already built to tighter tolerances then you'll end up with after you've bought a 700 action and paid your smith to true it up. You'll have spent as much or more building a rifle using a 700 action. The Predator would have a higher resale value. I personally own three blue printed S/A 700 switch barrels rifles. I already owned all three 700 rifles when I had SG&Y (no longer in business)do the blue printing. They all shoot great, but there's not much left of the original guns except the actions. One does still wears it's original H&S stock that's had the barrel channel opened and skim bedded. All have after market pinned recoil lugs, firing pin assemblies, Jewell triggers and various custom HV famous maker SS barrels. If I had it to do over I'd have sold all three rifles and used that money to help build on custom actions. I could have at least built two true custom rifles for what I've got invested in the three. But ya live and learn, good luck with whatever road you choose to take.

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If your looking to go hunting no big difference. If target shooting is your choice go 700. I have a 798 in 30-06 the wife bought me last year for my birthday. It's a real nice rifle but lock tine is slow, Mausers were'nt intended for target rifles, It's a great dangerous game action though.
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This is a post I found on the 798'S

It seems that many people don't understand some facts about the Remington M798.

The actions and barrels are made in Zastava the same as they were for the other importers, Charles Daly and InterArms. Remington is just the distributor, that's all. They don't make anything for this rifle.

The style is the modern 'improved' Mauser M98 as developed by FN in Belgium.

There were lots of complaints about the original cheap, tacky laminated stock that Remington slapped on these barreled actions. That has since been corrected with 3 new variations of decent stocks.

As far as accuracy is concerned, this is the question that gets asked and answered by testing your recipes or factory ammunition. The other variables such as scope, mount and rings can have just as much of an impact on the accuracy.

In general though, these rifles are a Mauser and certainly have the reputation for reliability and consistent performance.

I personaly like Mausers, build my own the way I want em.

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