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Looking to build 6.5 x 284 norma. Rem 700 or Rem 798 mauser action? Which would be best?
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The 700 Rem action by far. The Mauser action has a lock time that is measured with a calendar, sloooooooooow BANG.
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700 Remington hands down.....
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If you want to barrel it up for a bear killer gun that you can count on to feed when you a few seconds away from being in the food chain, you'd want that mauser type action, but the 700 is the way to go with so many after market parts and everything else. Good luck.

PS. I think one of those 798's would sure make a great dangerous game custom gun action. I think they are made in Czechoslovakia? The action itself is virtually the same as all the aftermarket mausers through the years.
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I think Remington is using the same barreled actions that were imported by Charles Daly
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It depends what you want to do with it. I have seen a lot of Remington and Remington clones fail in one way or another, e.g. extractors, ejectors, triggers, feeding. The Mauser-type action is extremely reliable and accurate enough for many applications, but I would never recommend it for serious target shooting. The Remington shines when it comes to pure accuracy potential.
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I have a beautiful 7mm-08 custom with that action in a nice piece of english walnut/ leup scope, 22" douglas bbl. Varget and 140gr. sst's have accounted for alot of deer and great accuracy for a sporter- .4" for 4 shot group w/ 1 called flyer. For what it was built for, it is perfect. Rem. actions as some have mentioned may be better, but for what I do with this rifle it is great.
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Originally Posted by katokoch
I think Remington is using the same barreled actions that were imported by Charles Daly

They are the same actions and come from the same factory.

A Mauser can be made plenty accurate for all but the most discriminating competitor. However, there are other actions that are easier to make accurate. It has not been that long ago that sleeved Mausers showed up on the benchrest line from time to time.

As 2506 mentioned, the biggest problem with the Mauser action is the lock time. This can be ameliorated with a lighter firing pin and a stronger mainspring. However, it will never be as fast a lock time as the Model 700, which probably has the fastest lock time of any mass produced action.

So, if you want to take the easiest route, go with the 700. If you plan to go all out and have the action trued and blueprinted, I highly recommend you check out the Stiller Precision Predator. You don't have to blueprint it, because it is already pretty precise, and it has lots of upgrades that would cost a bundle to put on a factory action.

This is only my opinion and because it is free, it is worth what you pay for it. Keep us posted.

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