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Well I went and bought one of the Hornady L-N-L Classic kits and my free bullets that you get arrived yesterday. They only give you a selction of softpoint bullets and fmj. So I got 500 6mm BTSP for hunting deer and coyotes. Well the only powder I had on hand out of thier book was RL-22 and went with 44.5grs in win. brass, cci 200lr primers, and seated to C.O.L.2.630" but didn't crimp. Anyways how well will this RL-22 do....anyone else play with this powder yet? Just asking today as the wifie will not let me go shoot.... "remodeling bathrooms are way more fun". Thanks for info.
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My dad uses RL22 in two 6mm Remington’s with 95gr SST’S and B-Tips.
The ole 760 averages an inch at 100 yards and the H-S Precision built 700 will go under ½ inch when we do are part.
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Awesome! I am off work tomarrow so I hope I can go see how it shoots. I'll let ya know.
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I load 243win with 85 gr Sierra HPBT (#1530) on top of 48 gr RL22, touching lands. This load turned out most accurate in my Savage FV. The same amount of IMR4831 gives me near identical performance (~3500 fps muzzle velocity). Groups are under inch at 200 yards every time. I am going to try this combo in a coming deer season. Perhaps I just got lucky with bullet/powder/seating variables for this rifle.
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Originally Posted by w123driver
I load 243win with 85 gr Sierra HPBT on top of 48 gr RL22, touching lands.

Is this a 243AI ???
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No, it is standard 243win (Lapua brass). The groups looked about the same starting from 46.5 gr., (worse groups with lesser amount of powder) but it gave me an extra speed. Didn't see high pressure signs yet. Lapua brass is very tough, so I might be mistaken. But no flattened primers. I found that in general RL22 works most consistent in all my guns when compressed, especially in 6.5x55SE and ancient Chileano 7x57mm Mauser when loaded with heavier bullets (the same applies to IMR4831).
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I have only used it in my 30-06, but my experience has led me to believe that RL-22 is very consistent, although temp sensitive powder and it's probably one of the best "heavy for caliber" bullet powders.

I can get 2900 fps from RL-22 with a 208Amax from a regular old 30-06 without pressure signs.

I've also noticed that as I compressed the charges with seating depth the ES and SD came down and down. Right now I shoot RP prepped brass with 59.5gr of powder that is compressed by .010" during the bullet seating step.

My ES is about around 20fps and a single digit SD, it's a wonderful long range round.

I'm sure you'll find something wonderful that works with the 243 and those bullets. I wouldn't expect all that much from the bullet, I can't get them to shoot inside of .65" at 100y from a 6mm-223 and a 1:8t Shilen. With 75 Vmax, the rifle shoots about .3"
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