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I have a Sako Model 75 varmint rifle in 22.250 caliber that I'm thinking about rebarreling to 6BR. Considering a name brand barrel Hart, Lilja, etc. in 26 to 28 inch length (turned to same diameter as factory barrel so I can use nicely figured factory stock) a 1 in 8 twist to be able to shoot 107 Sierra MK. I would chamber for Lapua brass where no neck turning is required. Plus or minus thoughts on this project are appreciated. I've been told the factory bolt will work without modifications and I realize this will result in the rifle being a single shot - i.e., detachable magazine will not function with 6BR cartridge.
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Hello, I've a Sako 75 already barreled in 6BR with a Shilen barrel. [Editor: See ] It's a repeating action, and there is no problem with the magazine, I use simply the shortened magazine for the 6PPC, which has an piece of metal in the back part. the result is a smooth feeding. The factory trigger is very hard, so tight groups need good training. The rifle reaches easily 0.3", sometimes 0.2". For hunting the rifle is ideal.
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6 Norma bR in 6 PPC magazine OK with 70 grain bullet but with 105/107 seat at regular OAL you are over 6 PPC mag lenght and another really big problem the lenght of the body is not longer than the neck and bullet lenght tht a create a really unhappy condition for mag deefing without round jam
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I don't have a Sako 75 action but the boltface you have will work fine just as it is. You might want to try using your 22-250 magazine and see if it works or not. I know the remington 700s will occasionaly work just not reliably enough for my liking.Shooting single shot is not really a big concern for varmints or targets only for bigger game animals. I think you'll really enjoy your new rifle when finished especially when compared to the 22-250. They are both good rounds out to 350 yards but the 6br using the heavier bullets at 400 yards and beyond simply has no equal in a 22 centerfire.
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The Sako 75 system isn't as precise as the older models like 591 for example. For accuracy you need to blue print this action, which isn't so easy because of it's three boltfaces. For hunting the precision is more you need, it's better made than remington for example. To Dantec: The length of the ppc magazine is 2.36", so with standard OAL the BR works fine. If you wish to seat your bullets longer, you have a problem.
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I have a Sako L579 rebarreled to 6 mm Norma BR with a Border SS 1-8" barrel in Sako Varmint profile. The feeding is the only part that is not very good. It works if I cycle the bolt slowly.

Here is a picture--click thumb for larger version:

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