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At the risk of asking a question that seems to have been asked quite a bit, does anyone have specific experience with this model Savage? I have the 26" barrel with 1:9 twist. I have used Black Hills Reman 55g Vmax and get good 3/4" groups at 100yds but opens up to about 4" at 200yds. Seems as though I may need to get a little heavier bullet maybe but wanted opinion from someone with more experience than myself. Also, are there any suggstions on where to find ammo available?? Seems like everyone I have checked on either is sold out or doesn't have what I am looking for. I do not have equipment to reload myself so I need to find manufactured ammo......Guess my next investment should be reloading equip?????? Thanks much for any information. Happy shooting!
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I have the same rifle, but reload with 52g Sierra Match Kings, and it shoots about .5" groups at 100 yds. And have good loads with 69g bullets also. But I dont know of a better factory ammo than what your shooting, but you might try a lighter bullet, if you can find it, or even heaver, and try different Mfg, it might just help.
Good luck Mike.
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cstein: Bought my first Savage mdl 10FP, pre-accutrigger in 2000, and my son bought his in 2007: literature included with both rifles, from Savage, recommends the 69 HPBT bullet as the first choice for accuracy. Over the years, and many thousands of rounds, the Sierra 69 gr. #1380 has consistantly been the winner. Both rifles are 1-9 twist.
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I've had good results with Honady TAP 75 gr BTHP and Fed. Gold Medal Match in 69gr and 77gr through my 1-9". It would still be best is to load your own, cost, reliabilty and most important ACCURATE for your rifle and better than anything you can just go buy.
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How much of a breeze between 100 and 200yd. blowing back and forth ,up and down ?. Take a strip of surveyors tape about two feet long tie to a 4ft stick and place them about every 50 yds in line with your target and you can watch which way the wind blows your bullet. RANDY
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IMO -- if you are not going to reload, then I would suggest you buy nothing but Black Hills in different weights until you find what you like. Black Hills is a quality round that won't eat your pocketbook alive.

By sticking with BH, particularly their new stuff, you know what you are getting from load to load, as opposed to shuffling through Federal, Winchester, Rem., etc. Their remanufactured ammo is also quite good. Either way, save your brass because BH uses quality brass (not Lapua, but very good).

I've seen BH offer weights from 50 all the way up to 77 using Hornady and Sierra bullets. Nothing will beat your well-researched and thought-out handloads in the future, but BH will make it easier on you until you make the switch.

Do some thorough research on the Web for BH ammo -- though not everyone carries is. MidwayUSA is a good place to start.

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Geez, you're right. Hard to find BH these days. Glad I'm reloading. You need to seriously consider it ... go with Redding equip and you won't find yourself having to upgrade all the time.

And, yes, I shoot the same rifle as you. Most accurate .223 rounds I have found at 100 yds are the 40gr and 45gr VMax.

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I have a Savage LRPV 223 1 in 9 twist is shoot very well with everything from 50gr Nosler ballistic tip (26.5) W748 through 77gr Sierra match kings. What it likes the very best is the 69gr Sierra Match kings and the Berger 70gr VLD's these shoot in the sub .2's with 25grs of W748 Federal 205M Winchester case Sierra's set .005 off lands and Berger set on the lands. I just got some Berger 73gr match I haven't shot them enough to tell how good they are going to be. I can say they are well worth trying in your rifle. (Gentle Ben) I have never tried anything lighter than 50 gr's but I will after reading you post. What are you using for a load? what about primer and how far off the lands?
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