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Advise needed on a Savage model 12 6mmbr LRPV I bought June 4 this year. My gun was zeroed at 300Yds I went to shoot 600 yrds and my Nightforce scope only had 30 clicks elev left when I needed 72 clicks.I had to aim 35" above my target to hit the X ring. I knew I had a problem, New scope base and rings checked out ok. So I checked things out with vee blocks and a indicator. I found the 26" barrel to be sloping down .083" at the crown.The recoil lug seems parallel, but the end of the reciever seems a bit out square, causing lug and jam nut to possibly skew the barrel. I called Savage, spoke to a tech, she said send in the gun, they will check it out to see if it was out of tolerance. She was not allowed to tell me anything about Savage tolerances. She said my only recourse was to send them the gun and I sould get it back in 2-3 weeks. My fear is they would not fix the problem because it might be within spec, and I would be out of a gun for possibly a longer period of time than 3 weeks. I shoot this gun about 3 times a week now, its my only target gun, and it groups well at closer ranges. I think the problem is in the very sloppy thread fit of the reciever and barrel and the reciever squareness. I would like to fix the problem myself and keep the gun, . I have a lathe and tig machine, etc. at my shop. I think I could fix the problem with possibly some teflon tape on the threads to take out some slop. Is there any insight you could share with me?
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i have 2 lrpv's a 22-250 & a 6mm br like yours..i had to send the 22-250 back for the trigger & failure to eject problems..savage sent me a call tag, fixed the problems & sent it back within the promised time..all could use a 20moa base to solve the problem or send it back..savage is good to deal with..i shoot 600 at bridgeville de. & use a 6500 bushnell & have not run out of adjustment yet on std bases
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I agree a 20 moa base would fix me to 800 yds, but I also want to shoot 1000 and I'm pretty sure I,d run out of adjustment then. I've had nothing but praise for the Savage performance until I ran across this 600 yd failure.
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Send the gun back.
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You realize that the barrel could be bent, right? It doesn't take much.
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If you have a lathe, make a mandrel that fits the action bore and true the action face. You're still going to need an inclined base, my Nightforce scopes have 40 and 100 minutes of elevation, but cut in half, that's only 20 and 50. Depending on the caliber, that might not be enough.
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There are several mounts out there that allow for elevation adjustment. Two come to mind. Steve Ivey's Micrometer adjustable rings. The other is Chris North's gantry mounts.

All shooters that I know who shoot farther than 500 yards use bases with added moa. The closer you can keep your scope centered the more accurate you will find it.

Nat Lambeth
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If the gun shoots good i wouldnt be concerned obout the gun itself, I would concentrate on getting a 20moa base for it.

Once the barrel nut is tight there is no slop in the threads on the barrel. If that was the case it would not be accurate.

How much adjustment does your scope have total??
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