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Hi guys....I'm new here....1st post. I've got a Savage model 12 Benchrest in 6 BR on layaway at Cabala's and am wondering if anyone has shot one of these much. They are similar to the F class but have the dual port action for speed shooting. Also they have a slightly different stock and little shorter barrel. How have they been shooting? Is the throat just as long as the F Class model 12? I'm wanting to hear it all....both good and bad.
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I had one just like your looking at and I put 700 rounds down the tube. Overall the gun is decent, but IMO you can build a far better gun for the money that they sell the 12 benchrest for.

On the stock, I found that overall it's OK. The things I did not like about it was the overall design. The action and barrel sits up high in the stock and has a torque problem. The stock fits well in a factory rear bag, and it is not as thick as the f-class in the rear. I found that the stock is un-balanced in a bag set up and is very nose heavy. I had to keep pressure on the back of the rifle to keep it from lifting out of the rear bag. I contribute the problem to the barrel being so long. The problem could be fixed by either cutting a few inches off the barrel, or drilling holes in the back of the stock and filling them with lead. One dislike was that the gun had a weird vibration after it was shot. I also contribute this to the length and weight of the gun.

Other dislikes on the gun, was first I hate the BT bolt handles they place on them, but that is a simple fix. I don't care for the target accu-trigger, it just don't work right. I would replace it with a rifle Basix or a Sharp shooters supply(SSS) evolution trigger. The gun I had, had extraction problems. The extraction problem was a simple fix. The action had a bur on the inside that needed a bit of grinding because it placed cuts on the shoulder of the brass.

I found that it was easy to hit the lands on 105-108 area bullets. Majority of the 100 yard 5 shot groups I shot was in the .5 area. I did have a few groups in the .3 area. I did shot some good groups at 200. I never did get a chance to shoot the gun out to 600 and 1k, but I feel that it would do well at them ranges.

The gun is fun to shoot. I love the dual port it rocks! I was able to fire fast stings out of the gun. You may want to look at for more information.(I did an article on that site about the gun) If you played your cards right you could build a better gun for the same money, as mentioned before. I hope this helps you out. I don't want to talk you out of the gun, it is a nice gun, but I would look at other options before I would buy it.
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82boy, Thanks for the very thorough review. You mentioned things that could only be learned by shooting the rifle, ie. improper balance, poor bag set and vibration. I did notice the action and barrel seem to sit high in the stock...but would not have thought of the torque it caused. I was pleased to hear you could reach the lands....that was a concern as I usually light jam bullets. The bolt handle and trigger I can live with or change if they bother me. Good to hear you liked the dual port...that is one feature that really drew me to the bench rest model.
I would be disappointed with .5 inch group averages. I was hoping for averages in the .3-.4 ranges....but I know my mileage might vary. After reading about Savage barrels being rough and fouling easy I was thinking I might have to go to an after market barrel.....I really dislike scrubbing barrels. After using lapped barrels I don't really want to go back.
So, there you have it....a rough and not very accurate barrel in a poorly designed stock with a trigger and bolt handle that need replacing. Thanks for review....your concerns are dually noted and advise is appreciated.
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But look at it this way, if you are going to change out the barrel, and maybe the trigger why not build one?

Northland shooter supply, and other suppliers sell dual port actions. You can get one for $475. Sharp Shooter Supply and other makers have nice laminate stocks. You could have one for $300. Many good makers of barrels out there you could get a nice barrel for $300. You would need a few small parts but you would be in the same price range. I don't know what Cabela's is selling the gun for but heck dealer cost is over 1k. Something to think about.
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That is exactly what I'm thinking.....pick out the parts, assemble them and go out and see if it shoots. I just might do it.
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I know McGowen Barrel has a 30" 1:8 twist 6BR large shank (Target Action)on clearance. That might save you a few bucks. Someone placed an order that got changed or something. They are selling off some barrels are good discounts.

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The gun is $975. It is a pre-owned but NIB that Cabela's bought from the previous owner. That is the reason I put it on layaway. I wouldn't be interested at $1100-$1200, the rifle's normal price range.
If I sprung for one of McGowen's leftover barrels at $185 (thanks for the tip Tim), I'd still only have about $1200 in it. That would get me in the game.
Soooooooo, I still considering it. If I back out of the layaway Cabela's only charges $10.
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Fellow was shooting that exact model at the last egg shoot I attended. The Range officer was looking through the spotting scope and asked loudly who's sighter group was on a specific egg outline at 300yds. It was the Savage. I swung my scope to that egg to look. Dang gun was just building a VERY SMALL cloverleaf right in the middle of that egg.
He went on to win the custom class 200yd event that day shooting 1/2" lollipops with a factory Sav.

Don't underestimate a Sav factory tube. Some are duds but some really smoke.
FWIW He was using N-140 and molyed 105 A-Max.

I do agree with 82boy. The stock is to high and the tourqe from the fast twist barrels is a problem. I bought a SSS Dog Tracker offset stock for mine. Much lower profile and the forearm is offset to alleviate tourqe. Solved that problem nicely and it just looks a lot sexier.
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