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Thanks. Like I said, I've never heard of lapping a barrel like this, so I apologize for what probably seems like dumb questions.
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There are few dumb question, asking questions is how we learn.
If it were my rifle, I would just break it in per the Savage instruction. It will come around, and shoot vary well. There factory barrels are know for good accuracy, but remember its still a factory barrel, and wont shoot like the after market target barrel some (including me) have installed.
That said, my last Savage 223 with a factory varmint weight barrel shot sub .5" groups at 100 yds.
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Thanks Mike, I'd be perfectly happy with this rifle with 1/2" 100 yard groups. My goal is to hit "minute of ground hog" inside of 500 yards with it, 1/2 MOA will do that just dandy.
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I have had really good success with a couple of Savage Mod. 12's in 204 Ruger using 39 gr. Sierra BK over IMR-4895. It almost fills the case but shot better than any other combo I tried . Both barrels shot well (.2 to .3" 3 shot groups at 100 yds.)without anything done to the barrels other than a slow proper break in regime. Good luck.

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I and two other friends have found that 26.1 gr.s of RE 10x is exceptionaly accurate w/ velocity in the 3950 fps range using coated 39 gr sierra bullets kissing the lands, .002" neck tension, winny brass, CCI BR-4, winchester, or fed. GM math primers. Do not use remington primers with this load. Remington primers are flame throwers and will cause primer piercing. I also tried 25.7 grs 10x w/ uncoated 39 grnrs with excellent results at @3900. These loads are definetly over max and have not been shot by me in weather above 60 degrees F.
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My Savage 12fv has been restocked with a Stockade Woodchuck and bedded. It will shoot consistently in the .3s with 25.1 grains of re10x under 39gr blitz kings. I found my Savage to be very sensitive to seating depth.
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I have two savage 12 204's. A VLP and a BTVSS. They both print out at 1/2" or better if I do my part. Favorite loads are 25 gr RL-10x with 39 gr bk's and 26.8 gr benchmark with the 35 gr bergers.
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bohemR13: As mentioned by RJ, JB bore paste ( blue label) will be very effective in removing the carbon fouling that will build-up, as seen with my "Hawkeye". When the carbon becomes a problem, groups will open-up, 10 to 20 strokes w/ the JB, I flush out w/ Hoppes, patch dry, & group sizes return to usual sub moa. In addition to removing the carbon, the JB will help smooth over the many reamer & tool marks across the lands and grooves of every Savage factory barrel ( dozens now) that I've checked with the borescope. Some are downright ugly, but they will shoot! Note: when I say "smooth-out" I mean the sharp edges/corners of the reamer marks will be "rounded off", so there will be less bullet jacket damage, but the reamer marks will always be there.
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