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thanks for the help on the JB, I got the rifle in last week and I just took it for the first rounds on Saturday.

I had a few rounds of factory to print out and then I also brought some reloads iwth me to test out some loads with H335 (actually WC844). Temp was 85F and low humidity with a slight slight breeze at my back.

First was underneath 40gr Vmax and I loaded them from 50% between min and max, in .3 grain increments to about 27.2 grains instead of 26.8, which is the listed max for H335.

Nothing looked over pressure, the primers were starting to flatten out at 27.2 grains and the thing seemed to tighten up as it went faster. I don't have a chrony (I know, I need one, it's coming soon) so I don't know how fast the loads were moving.

The 27.2gr load printed 1/4" at 100y with a warm barrel but it was only 3 shots. Next trip I'm going to try fine tuning the charge with 5 shot groups. I seated them all to 2.295" which is the touch length for the 40 Vmax in my throat. When I get to finding the powder charge I like I'll mess with the seating depth.

The other thing I had was 26 grain Barnes tips, which there's no data that I could find.

I did a linear interpolation backwards using the 40, 40, 35, and 32 grain data to arrive at what seemed like a reasonable safe band. I plotted 3 powders to see if it indeed seemed linear enough to find safe starting loads, all checked out.

This gave me a max load of about 29 grains, I shot it all the way to 30.3 grains without issue, but I only shot 2 loads of each, I planned to start at 29.7 and work up in 0.3grain increments for 5 shots each next time I go. I seated these to 2.236" which corresponds to the same seating die set point at 2.295" in a 40 Vmax (I was lazy and knew that the 2.236" was factory load length for Hornady Ammo)

Couple things:

1) Choate Sniper stock, Stock Savage 12 and Simmons 6.5-20x50 is a great combination thus far and I'm very happy with my purchase.

2) Has anyone else noted loading behavior like I saw above? I get the feeling that Hodgdon's loads are conservatively low for bolt guns so that people don't try shooting them in a gas gun and snapping a bolt head off. Thoughts?

3) I plan on buying a barrel nut wrench for this thing and dropping a 223 barrel on it so that I can shoot either caliber. I only saw the Model 10 and 110 wrench on Midway, I think it will fit the Model 12 from the looks and some random rememberance that the 10 and 12 have the same nut dimensions. Thoughts on both ideas?

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So I think I dialed my load for this rifle on 40 grain Vmax.

26.8 grains of WC844 (I used H335 data to work from)
Wolf Primer SR mag primer
Once fired Hornady Brass
Neck sized only
COL = 2.300 +.002 -0.000 tolerance

Shoots touching 5 hole groups. One group would have been a super string had I not flinched from the muzzle blast of the 45-70 carbine being shot 3 feet from me. Even with that flinch the group was .42", had it fallen like the other 4 rounds it's in the neighborhood of .25"

Stock Sav 12FV with a Choate Sniper stock, Simmons 6.5-20x50 glass
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The barrel nut wrench will fit either one. You'll find that the nut will be a bear to break loose the first time you take a factory barrel off. Soak it with kroil the night before, and it will come off much easier. There is great advise on swapping barrels at the website I mentioned previously. I love the flexibility of the savage, but the money you save in doing it yourself, you will spend buying barrels and bolt heads and stocks. be careful or you will get hooked on it. I'll give your load a try in my 12FV sometime.
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Thor, thanks for the bit of advice, I'll keep that in mind when it comes time to break it loose.

It's easy to stick a 223 shell base round in this, how hard is it to change the bolt heads to hold a 473 base? I want the 6-223 for cheap, long barrel life practice. But another barrel isn't that expensive compared to getting a whole action set to go.

That would free up the mauser action I had earmarked for a 22-284 build.
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It takes a couple of minutes to change the bolt head, about as long as it takes to change a barrel after the factory tightened nut has been loosened.

Both of my .204s, neither of which started life as a .204, like 27gr of Varget under Nosler 40s seated one caliber into the brass. It's too long for a magazine but doesn't matter since they are single loaded anyway.

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Thanks for the tip on the Varget load, I'll have to give that a whirl sometime.

I'll keep that in mind about changing the bolt-face. I have 2 spare actions from mausers sitting stripped, so I'm not in a hurry to swap the bolt head just yet, but thanks.
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I have a Howa 1500 in .204 and it just loves the 39 grn sierras. I tried the hornadys and bergers of all different grns but couldn't get them under a 1/2 inch group at 100. I put them with some Hornady cases and 26.4 grns of H4895 and it shoots bug holes. My best is in the 2's but its factory as you can get. And its not off bags, just a Harris bi-pod.
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Interesting that the Hornady's won't shoot. Mine are 2.290 to touch the lands, and I load them to 2.30 +/- .002" COL. I don't have an ogive comparator.
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