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I have a friend that has a savage in 22/250 which he plans on relacing with a 6mmbr barrel. My question is which barrel manufacturer do most shooters have the best luck with...Pac-nor or Douglas for this type of switch ? Thanks in advance, 4570sharpshooter
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I have had Shilen, Douglas and now Pac-Nor barrels on my Savage actions. Pac-Nor is the only one of them that makes "prefit" barrels that you can just screw on, headspace and shoot. Shilen and Douglas barrels you have to have chambered and threaded by a gunsmith. My new Pac-Nor is a thing of beauty and I have no qualms about giving them a hearty recommendation.
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Reed. The barrel that I got for my Savage, direct from Shilen was in fact a "spin on",set the headspace and go shooting! Smooth as silk!
No "smith" needed.
Lots of others out there but my choice was Shilen! Mike.
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Thumbs up for Pac-Nor.. Just ordered my third one from them last week.

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The default barrels from Sharp Shooter Supply are Douglass and are pre-threaded and chambered and ready to spin on.

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I have two Douglas's from Sharp Shooter Supply and three from Pac-Nor. All are pre-fit for the Savage action. Not that the Douglas's are slouches, by any means, but I think Pac-Nor's internal smoothness is superior. Pac Nor laps their barrels, whereas Douglas does not.
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Prefit Savage barrels:

Some of the prefit barrels made for Savages are turned, threaded and chambered in different set ups. This methodolgy tends to increase the odds in getting a barrels that is not co-axially and concentrically aligned with the bolt race. Some of the pre fit barrels are threaded on geometric/mechanical threading heads and not single point tooled. This is not much better than running a tap up on the barrel shank. For what you gain in cost savings you will loose in accuracy in the big picture. This is just my opinion. But you don't see these prefit barrels on any of the top shooters rifles nor do you see them on custom high end hunting Rifles.
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Good point, Nat. I do not know what method Pac-Nor uses to cut the threads but the preliminary fireforming loads looked very promising. Will have a full report when it comes back from the "stocker".

Mind you, I'm not putting down 'smiths, but the barrel nut to adjust headspace is one of the selling points for Savage actions to me. And being able to order chambered and threaded barrels greatly cuts down on time and expense.

Also, I've had a Douglas barrel and I think you have as good a chance to get a "good one" from them as from any of the others. One of the trends in "point-blank benchrest" now is guys who are buying barrels by the dozen to get a "hummer".

The costs involved with being a competitive br shooter are fast going out of sight. It is becoming a game only for those who can afford to play it. The cost of a new rifle ($2500+), scope ($1000+), front rest ($900+), reloading equipment (nearly $1000), etc. are making it very difficult to attract new shooters.

A Savage Model 12 action ($350) trued and timed ($150) with a Pac-Nor select match barrel ($350), Rifle Basix trigger ($125), Weaver T-36 ($350) and McMillan stock ($325) make it possible for a new or "income-deficient" shooter to be competitive. One of these bargain-basement rigs will win a match with a shooter who can play the game. Long live the Savage action!

P.S. Of course, then I think what a new snowmobile or motorcycles costs and a new rifle doesn't look so bad!
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