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Which trigger is best for replaceing the Accutrigger? Where do you get them? I am so used to the jewell's and can't get on the desert rats and pull the trigger fast enough. Jewell doesn't make one, I need to replace it with something similar.
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You have a limited choice.

Rifle basix makes two: The Sav-1 agjust 1-3 lbs. Sav-2 Adjust about 4oz to 3 lbs. (it has its problems if you need a safety.

Sharp Shooter Supply make two: one adjust down to about 12oz. The other is supposed to be 2oz at least that is what they say.(It has no safety at all and must be installed by Fred Moreo)

Timney makes a Savage trigger that adjust down to about 1 lb.

None compare with a Jewell Trigger.

There may be others that I am not familiar with.

Nat Lambeth
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I just put the Rifle Basix 2 on my Model 12 Savage about 3 weeks ago. Currently have it set at about 8 oz. Safety works just fine.
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Rustystud, I think you covered the available triggers. However, the last time I checked Timney only listed Savage triggers for NON Accutrigger models. Vic
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Do me a favor. Take some time and play with your SAV-2 trigger adjusted down below 8oz. I too could get the safety to work down to 8 oz. But below that it became increasingly unreliable the lower I went.

I found that if you had the SAV-2 adjusted down to about 4oz and put the safety on and moved the safety from off to on a couple of times the trigger would fire without being pulled. If you know that and don't use the safety that is one thing. But if you are expecting to use the trigger and the safety I have not been able to get the SAV-2 down below 8oz. The SAV-2 should come with a warning and advise those who want to use it below 8oz. Maybe even be designed so the safety is removed so there is no expectation there.

In my opinion there is still room out there for a better quality trigger for the Savage Actions.

The new accutrigger takes a break in period to become consistent and reliable. It want stay consistent until it has several hundred firings. After it is broken in and the shooter has become accustom to it. It is really not that bad. It is not on the par with a properly adjusted Jewell, Kelbly, or Davis.

Remember many of the BR triggers have no safety.

Nat Lambeth

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That is really important info. It probably should be a sticky here. Have you reported this to Rifle Basix? I just put a rifle Basix Sav-2 trigger on a F Class rifle I built up from a Savage target action. I was VERY unhappy with the accutrigger I got with that action.(I have others that are fine) It had a high weight of pull that could not safely be adjusted down to an acceptable level with out failing the drop test. Much worse than what you are reporting with the Rifle Basix trigger. I did not measure it but it had to pull at least 3 lbs. The Rifle Basix trigger is dramatically better. Since it is for F Class I set it to 1 lb and the safety works fine. I really do not care if the safety works anyway as I am used to shooting rifles without safeties and never use or trust them any way. As far as I'm concerned if the bolt is in the gun its loaded.
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The Rifle Basix triggers maufacture is in Charlotte, NC and I have talked to the owner several times. He is well aware of the safety issue. He told me that "no one needs or uses the safety on lightweight target triggers." From a liability stand point I feel he is sticking his head in the sand. Many customers with little or no experience install these triggers. They figure since the safety is there that it works. In fact it will work once or twice in most cases. But move it on and off 10 times with the gun cocked and chances are it will fire without the trigger being pulled some time between the third and eight time. The lighter the trigger is set the less times the safety has to be moved. I clearly warn all of my customers about the safety issue with the Rifle Basix SAV-2 triggers.

I have modified the Savage Accutrigger every way conceivable. My testing has determined that the Accutrigger when new is very inconsistent (pull weight). But with some wear on them they greatly improve. They are not of the quality of a Jewell trigger. I ask for everyone who shoots a Savage to call the Jewell Trigger company and beg them to market the Jewell trigger for Savages that they currently have shelved. I am told they don't feel there is a high enough demand to justify the cost of their marketing their Savage trigger.

Nat Lambeth

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