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Here is a fair and unbiased comparison between 2 of the absolute finest scopes for target shooting.
I did a side by side comparison so there was no advantage for either scope.
The March is the 10 - 60X model
The Schmidt & Bender is the 12.5 - 50X model

Both scopes were set at X50 for a fair comparison.
The S&B has a brighter picture throughout its mag range. This is very nice at lower mag, but at max or very near max the brightness tends to give the image a hazy effect. Still very, very usable, but a little hazy none the less.
The March has a slightly darker image throughout its mag range but at maximum (or in ths case X50) that means that the image never has that hazy look of the S&B. Also, the resolution and contrast of the March is better than the S&B. At X50 this gives a definite 'seeing' advantage to the March. I had several other people look through both to confirm this.

The S&B has a far greater FOV that then March. I didn’t measure this exactly, but its roughly double. For those that find it hard to locate your target (at X50 this can be tricky) the S&B gives you a definite advantage.

Low Light
Here the March is good, but the S&B is outstanding. I have no idea how they do it, but the S&B allows you to see better in low light than you can with your bare eyes. I'm guessing this is the trade off with the slight 'hazy' image I mentioned earlier. So, if you shoot in low light, the S&B is streets ahead here.

While both companies offer several choices, they tend to have the same thickness dots and lines. The March scopes have a line thickness of half that of the S&B. So, if you have poor eyes, the March might be tricky, but if you have good eyes then the March allows finer bullet placement (the cross hairs are really very, very fine).

Dials and Movements
The S&B dials look and move superbly. The March dials look much the same as any other scope, but they move very well too. If looks matter, the S&B wins this. BUT, the S&B has ¼ MOA per click, and the March 1/8 MOA per click. If you shoot airguns this may not make a big difference, but if you also shoot centrefire over 200m, then it makes a difference to absolute bullet placement. That said, due to the S&B 34mm tube, it has a massive adjustment range, well over double the March's.

Very similar. March and S&B will be around £1800

POI Hold
Both are faultless

Weight and Size
The S&B is a little heavier and a little larger. The biggest issue is that it also has a 34mm tube. This makes buying mounts difficult (rare) and very expensive. The March has a 30mm tube which makes it a lot easier.

Parralax Adj
Both scopes focus down to 10m so are usable for air or firearms. S&B also make a dedicated scope that has a focus range of 7m to 70m. As the whole dial covers just this small distance, it allows absolute precision for range finders.

My Conclusion
While they are both absolutely superb scopes and either one would sit happily on any of my airguns or centrefires, if you are after the worlds finest target scope it simply has to be the March. If however you prefer the worlds finest high mag hunting scope, it has to be the S&B.

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Great report..
Which model of S&B 12.5-50, FT or PMII?
How much elevation of S&B?
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Could you give us the warranty comparisons of the two?
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The S&B version tested is the PM11 version, basically this is the centrefire version with the parallax being 10m to 1000m then infinity. Its black. The Airgun FT version is silver and has a parallax setting of 7m to 70m only. Optics are the same in both scopes.

The warrenty.

March is a 5 year for the new buyer only. S&B is 5 years transferable. So, if you buy new they are the same, if you buy 2nd hand they are not. Scopes of this quality dont tend to go wrong. This wouldnt sway a decision for me, but every one is different.

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How about elevation of S&B Please?
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The elevation is 280 clicks making 70 MOA in total. This is a true 1000m scope.
It has excellent dials which rotate 2 times fully. On the 2nd rotation the dial has a yellow band that appears. This allows you to shoot from 100M one day and 1000M the next without ever needing to remount the scope and having an easy time getting back to the relevent zero.

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Thanks for information, One more question Please, FFP or SFP reticle?
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Mine is the SFP model. While there are obvious differences in the FFP and SFP models, none of these differences would have come in to my review as i did all tests at X50.

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