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Congrats to Sheri on an outstanding performance!!!!!

Nice to see you didn't suffer any real bad consequences with your heart.
Since your now working at Lapua how about suggesting they make 300 Weatherby brass and 50 BMG brass as good as there 6BR brass? The 300 Weatherby brass we make into 300 Ackley for 600/1,000 yard benchrest is too soft and the primer pockets go away quickly.This forces everyone to go with the same weak load.
On the 50bmg they will sell everything they make as long as it is good quality.The 50bmg shooters have been using IMI brass and it has all dryed up.It isn't going to be that tough to beat its quality either.
Good Luck on your new job.
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Hi Lynn, and thanks for the kind words. More than happy to pass on requests, and will do just that. Can't say the prospects for the Weatherby brass would be real good, but the .50 is a possibilty. Just bear in mind that this sort of thing is like breeding elephants; done at high levels, accompanied by much trumpeting, and takes two years to see results.

We do have some now items coming out that'll be of considerable interest to many on these boards, so keep in touch!

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Is Lapua going to standardize the 6BRX? there was talk about it here some time ago.
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I don't know Mike, but I can certainly do a little checking on the history here. Bear in mind, I've been with them for about 4-5 months now, and there's been plenty of things going on prior to my rather belated arrival.

I'll see wht I can find out from the guys in Finland, and I'll let you know.

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Whoa! Kevin, I guess I better stay in touch more often! Glad to hear you are doing well. Your reason to miss Perry is more valid than mine for sure!

I have not been to Perry the last two years, but may make it back next year. Only missed 1 year in the previous 20 prior to that.

Today would have been a great day to just be watching the scores as it came down to the last match. Norm Houle pulled it out by a point over Carl Bernosky, with David Tubb a point back of Carl.

All of this is kinda overshadowed by the fact that Sherri Gallagher only dropped 5 points total (besides the crossfire that cost her the championship!)

It was wild to follow on the web, but must have been awesome to see it in person! I heard that Sherri had dinner with David Tubb, Dennis Demille, Ron Zerr and a few other friends the night before she and David had the shootoff for the Coast Arty trophy. Not many competitions where the top competitors get together like that.



Originally Posted by KevinThomas
Hi Theron,
Congrats! If you're gonna miss Perry, I guess that's a pretty good reason. Better than mine, anyway; a massive bilateral pulomnary embolism. First time I've missed Perry in 15 years. I was packed and ready to go, but the morning we were to leave, I wound up going to the ER and stayed in ICU for the next five days. Doing better now, and should be back to shooting in no time. Update required here, too. I'm no longer with Berger. Lapua made me an offer that I just had to take, as it has afforded me the opportunity to get into some things I never would have if I'd have just stayed with the bullet end of things. Rimfire production, military liaison work, that sort of thing. Eric was very understanding about it, and there's no hard feelings on either end. Great folks at Berger, and I've got nothing but praise for them all. As for the Finns, I've known and used Lapua products for years, and they've always been first rate, quality stuff. So, I have no problems at all in representing them, and that's important to me. Great people to work with and for, and I've been really enjoying dealing with them. See what ya' miss out on when you don't stay in touch?

Wish I could have been there to see Sherri shoot the clean, thst would have been something. Especially since I was pulling Troy's target when he shot that first clean some years back.

Good talkin' to ya'!
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She wasn't done after High Power either. Sherri stuck around for the Long Range Nationals, and won the Championship with a new record score. Nicely done Sherri.
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