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I'm doing a product summary for portable (or at least semi-portable) shooting benches such as the Coyote Jakes, Stukey etc.

I want to include buyer/user comments in this article. If you have used a commercial shooting bench, or built your own, please tell me what you like (or dislike) and WHY.

I'm interested also in general decision-making comments, such as:

- weight vs. portability
- 3 legs vs. 4 legs
- wood top vs. synthetic
- rotating vs. non-rotating

SHARE your WISDOM with other readers!

Thanks, Paul McM, Webmaster

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I have a "Big Shooter" bench/table and give it high praise !!!

Here is a link to [U]The Big Shooters[/B] website - HERE

Things I like about the "Big Shooter" bench are:
- Excellent Workmanship
- Rigid and Stable - yet simple (even with HV Bench-guns)
- 360-degree swivel that does NOT creep or totter, and holds its bearing/heading
- Adjustable to seat height and to level
- Take down and setup is a breeze (maybe takes a minute)
- It's load-locking ability - handles a lot of weight

Another use I have for my "Big Shooter" table is when at home I have it setup in my reloading room and use it for a cleaning station and/or for a gunsmith bench. Here again the 360-swivel ability is great and its Rigidness for being a strong work bench.

In the reloading room I leave one of my bench-guns & rests setup on it at all times, which works great to sit down to my setup to work on address and/or practice bench technique.

With the great workmanship that is put into them and the component and steel costs, I feel it is priced very reasonable and one is getting a lot of table/bench for the price !!!

Happy Shooting
Donovan Moran
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Coyote Jack's Shooting Bench and Shooting Buddy Rest (with windage adjustment) both have server me well over the last six prairie dog seasons. It light and portable, be sure and purchase the storage/carry bags. IMHO they set up and break down faster then most other systems, believe me this makes for a big difference when needing to frequently relocate and over the period of a five day shoot.

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Thanks for report. That's exactly the kind of feedback I need. What is weight of the Big Shooter, and what are dimensions of the top? Can't find those on website.
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Here are more specs to for "The Big Shooter":
- the leg stance is around 54"
- the table top is 28" wide by 40" long (before the cutout)
- the Weight I estimate to be around 60-lbs

Happy Shooting
Donovan Moran
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Paul: One of my recent "projects" was building my own portable shooting bench. I used the "Black & Decker Workmate" for the base, top is 3/4" high quality laminate ( not plywood) 36" front to rear, 20" wide, with a 16" wide narrowing for the shooter, right handed. Underside has a hardwood ridge board that fits and tightens into the "Workmate" vice/top. Sitting stool is not attached. Easily fits in my car trunk ( Honda Accord). Very solid. Serves "double duty" when involved in shop woodworking projects. Total cost was approx. $30. Will be happy to send e-mail with attached digital pics showing all details, if interested.
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Paul, I also have a Big Shooter bench which I use when shooting prairie dogs. It is the only rotating bench I have had experience with. I think it is a high quality bench with a good design.

The only problem I have with mine is I don't think it rotates as smoothly as I would like. I think this results from the main bushing being made from schedule 40 plastic. I think if the bushing were made from Nylatron material, it would be a whole lot better. I have talked to the owners about this; however, I believe they are wanting to keep the cost down. I replaced the thrust washer on mine with Nylatron and it helped. Sometime, I should make a main bushing from Nylatron and give it a try.

The only other problem I have is when moving from one set-up to another. I usually have to pull the main mast off the base for the move and this exposes the greased main bearing and the greased pole. This allows dirt to enter the greased area and requires a complete clean up and re-greasing.

To put in another plug for a sponser, I also use a co-axial rest top from Butch Lambert, Shadetree Engineering. While I would like to see him come out with his rim-fire top with more movement, having a rotating bench and a joy stick top is like cheating.

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I have one of the early BIG SHOOTER benches and have found nothing that compares.This bench was well thought out with input from experienced shooters.I shoot off of it,it serves as a sturdy work bench and even a comfortable reading bench.If you buy one you won't be disappointed.
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