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Does your Sightron SIII 8-32X 1/4MOA dot in the scope cover up too much of the target at long range to be annoying or cause you to not be able to aim as accuratly as you would like?

I shoot 1000yd F class. The dist btwn the lines of the 10 ring to 9 ring to 8 ring,etc. are 5". If I need to hold 11" off the "X" ring due to windage, I am losing 2.5" because of the dot and I am wondering if it will cost me a 10 or an X and end up with a 9 for score even if I got lucky and called the wind and mirage right (LOL) . Just wondering what your experience has been.

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I have a dot in both my 8 x 32 56 and 24X boosted to 32X. The Dot has not been an issue.

Nat Lambeth
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I just mounted my 8-32 SIII and shot it through the F-Class 600-800-900-1000 yard course. The optics were fine, I could pick up mirage alot better than my 25x V-XIII. To be honest I am still getting used to the reticle. I like the fine crosshair leading into the dot, rather than the duplex I had been using because I can see the numbers on the target which allowed me to hold tighter vertical using the numbers as a vertical reference. The dot was not overbearing at 600 or 800 yards infact I shot decent scores. It did appear alittle larger at 900 and 1000 in comparison to the x ring, but I think I will be able to adapt to this once I become more familiar with it. I have doubts about this reticle on the NBRSA 600-BR target, for that reason I may change the reticle.
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Thanks for the responses. Glad to hear you liked it. That is my only concern. I know how well I can see/ aim and measure Kentucky Windage with my 6-24x Bushnell Elite 30mm Mildot 50mm with its duplex reticle. I would like a thinner crosshair than this has as well as more magnification. I am wondering the same as you about how much it covers up at 1000yds. Here are a few guys that I have looked at to change the dot to a 1/8 moa or something smaller:

Bill Ackerman at
Bill Ackerman at Optical Services Inc 575-589-3833

Another is the original dot maker T. K. Lee.
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I thought that these reticles were etched in glass?
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Steve, I don't think the Sightron has the etched reticle like NF does.
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So who would you have do the change on the reticle? I personally don't like dots. I like a fine cross hair.
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I talked to Bill Ackerman via email a while back, I think he does do fine crosshair. I will either go fine crosshair or the smallest dot possible. The conversion was around $100 or so.
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