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Well, I finally found a load to shoot the 87 gr VMAX in my .243. I shot a ladder this afternoon in some triple-digit heat, and found what I hope to be a gem. For some reason I do not recall, I loaded the following ladder with H4831sc:

#1 45gr
#2 45.5gr
#3 46gr
#4 46.5gr
#5 46.5gr
#6 46.5gr
#7 47gr
#8 47.5gr
#9 48gr

Lo and behold, shots 4-6 went into about .250" at 100 yards. Now, I will have to load up some more of the 46.5gr loads and a little down and up to find the middle of the sweet-spot. I think it will make the fourth powder I have tried to get to shoot this bullet. Patience paid off, or so it may seem. I forgot the chrono at the house, so I have no idea what kind of velocity I got with the loads.

.243 WW New Brass
BR2 primers
87gr VMAX
0.005" off lands

Diamond is 1.25"
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I'm shooting 87 grn. V-Maxes with H4831sc in my .243 A.I. with spectacular results. I will have to post my exact load later, as I am not near my reload data. My barrel is a 1:10 Douglas and I've been able to shoot 5 shot groups at 200 meters that measure 3/8". This load is deadly on groundhogs.
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I just re-barreled a Remington Model 7 with a 20" Broughton #2 taper, .243, 5C 1:8 barrel.

I have ordered two boxes of Scirrocos 90 grain bullets and 2 boxes of 85 grain Barnes Tripple Shocks.

I will do sme bench work and keep you posted.
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28" Hart, 12 twist, Max heavy varmint contour, Match minimum spec-zero freebore chamber. Rem 7/08 brass neck turned at 7mm, necked down to 6mm. Joe Wagner muzzle break

All loads with Waxed bullets

70g Nosler Ballistic Tips
48.5g Win 760 or AA2700
bullet jamming the lands .005
3850 fps-1/4" accuracy

70g Nosler Ballistic tip'
49.5g of Win 760
Win Large Rifle Mag Primer
bullet jamming .005
4030 fps
very tiny groups
Copper fouling with the 70g NOsler gets excessive after 50 shots when the velocity exceeds 3850 fps

85g Sierra BTHP
45.5g 760
Rem 7/08 brass
3550 fps-tiny groups, max load for this rifle
this load copper fouls fast compared to the 70g BT @ 3850!

60g Sierra HP or 60g Berger
51.5g of 760
Rem 7/08 brass
4150 fps
very tiny groups-less than 1/4"

Several of these loads shoot well enough to be shot in a Registered Benchrest Match at 200 & 300 yards as a windy day gun.
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In my Sako AII 24 inch varmint rifle, with a medium contour varmint barrel the 70gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint and 42.7grs Varget gave me the following 5 shot group at 125 yards of 0.354. Velocity of that load taken at 5m from muzzle (range rules mean that I have to shoot through a tire tunnel), so couldn't place chronograph close to muzzle are as follows:

shot 1: 3463fps
Shot 2: 3463fps
Shot 3: 3454fps
Shot 4: 3445fps
Shot 5: 3445fps.

I use Lapua .243 brass exclusively with Federal 210 primers.

By the way, the Sako has never been bedded, it is an honest Sako factory rifle . Only thing that has been done to it is the trigger lightened.



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243 Ackley Improved
1:10 x 26" PacNor SuperMatch heavy barel
BAT R/B R/P single shot with Jewel Trigger,
Robertson/Stiller stock.
.274" No-Turn Lapua chamber from Pacific Tools
90 grain Scenar on Lapua brass
48.0 RL19 = avg. velocity 3500 fps
.250" @ 200 yards
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Accuracy Load in my 243 1 in 10 Blaser rifle, Berger molly 95g VLDs,seated into lands, Lapua brass, 46.6 n160, fed match prm, .240 at 200y prone with by and mono pod. paul.
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Pretty hard to beat W760......26.5" Pacnor 13" twist, very tight chamber with .273NK and NO freebore.....

48.7gr - W760 - 70TNT - BR2 - PMC brass = 3858 (fireforming)...... 3/10"
Never got around to chronographing formed cases. They're probably about the same.

Primer tests with 760 and 70TNTs were interesting.....Fed 210M vs CCI250.....the 250 dropped velocity by 30fps or more, but SD was dramatically lower in all loads. In one max load, SD with the 210M was 37.8, while a CCI250 dropped SD to 4.4. I've tested that CCI primer against the Rem. 9-1/2 in a 22-250AI and had the same results.
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