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Stumbled on this one last month. Holland .243 AI, Pac Nor 25" 1:12, Lapua Brass, F210M, 42g Varget, 75g V-Max touching lands. 3600 fps and SD of 2. 3-shots @ 100 yds.

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Thanx for that post. I have a 1:12 Pac Nor chambered for .243 A.I. with a .270 neck that has just been broken in. I had this barrel put together to shoot everything from 58 grn. up to perhaps 80 grns. and will start developing loads; the 75 grn. V-Max is one of the bullets I intend to shoot.
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Chino: Don't overlook the 55g Nosler BT and a case full of Varget. I was getting 4150 fps. The Nosler has a high B.C. for its weight, and shoots damn flat. Downside, it heats up a barrel fast.
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I just tested a new promising load for a standard .243 Winchester. The rifle is a Tanner with a 28 inches Lothar Walther barrel.
This load holds with a pretty good regularity 1/4 MOA groups of 5 shots at 200 meters .... despite the fact that the barrel has shot a bit more than 7 000 rounds.

- Lapua brass
- Lapua Scenar moly 105 grains bullet
- CCI BR2 primer
- Vihtavuori N 550 : 2.53 gramms (39 grains)
- 885 m/s (2904 fps)
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Hi all, hi alain
For me , in a Savage 12fv 243win with just a B&C stock
lapua brass
berger 95 vld moly
37grs of vihta N150
RWS 5341 primer
6 shoots at 200 meters
No speed sorry, maybe in a few day

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It took 5 weeks of evenings, but I cut threads, chambers, glass bedded, pillar bedded, drilled and tapped, and even cut a 2 position safety for turning a couple 1903 Turkish Mausers into sporter .243s, with spare parts lying around my house.

I went to the range and tested 100 gr jammed into the lands with 45 gr H4350.
This opened the new Winchester .243 brass extractor groove by .001" and made the next primer easy to install, but did not fall out. After 5 firings, the primer pocket was not getting any bigger, still shootable.

I reduced to 100 gr jammed into the lands 43 gr H4350 and got 2975 fps with a 24" barrel.
There was no degradation in primer insertion force when re using the same piece of brass 6 times.

I would like to say that I got great groups, but these were Addams and Bennett barrels that cost $37 in 2002 for the stainless and $50 for the fat one later. They shot ~2 moa typically, but the fat one can shoot 65 gr Vmax at 3500 fps and gets 1 moa on 5 shot groups.

Anyway, it kept me away from watching TV for 5 weeks.

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24" Mike rock 1-8 twist 243 AI
Lapua Fire formed
210 fed
49.1gr RL22

3200 FPS
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1-10" 22" sako .243 AI

Fire forming Load

43gr IMR4350
87gr V Max
Fed 210M
Vel 2900fps

Fire Formed Brass

44.5gr IMR4350
87gr V-Max
Fed 210M
2.655" COL
velocity tba
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