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This coming Saturday October 17. Lots of prizes (Savage rifle, Bartlein barrel of your choice, five certificates for five boxes of Berger bullets, coupon for a custom reamer from PT&G, and many, many more). Plenty of cash to be given out including fat payouts in every class. Breakfast and lunch included in the $25/gun entry fee. One fellow showed up last Oct and didn't even shoot but came out ahead in food and raffle prizes.

Match details at:

Rules, directions, etc:

Doors will open about 6:30 AM. See ya'll there....
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Last chance. I was told to not bother bringing a rifle since the Magic Dasher will be taking home the biggest chunk of the money.
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Any results? Maybe it was cancelled?
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No it wasn't cancelled. The weather was terrible. They put on a great shoot. Alot of prizes and there was some good shooting inspite of the weather. I believe a good time was had by all.
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Yes we were there like NUTS, Despite the rain,wind and slightly above freezing temps the scores were amazing. Congradulations to the guys that won the "big" prizes, and the matches for the day.
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The Saturday scores are attached. My thermometer said 37 degrees when I arrived at 6:15 AM and it was a balmy 39 degrees at 4 PM.

When we started it was cold and raining lightly. Lots of 50's at 200 yards. Then it was cold and raining and windy.

The highlight of the day (for me at least) was 14 year old Jeremy Norcross puttin' a whoopin' on some guys that think they're pretty good in Deer Hunter class. It was Jeremy's first try at that and he was using a borrowed rifle and rest.

Despite the horrible weather it was a great match. A lot of thanks to the guys that make it all happen:

Barry Schmidt - Runs a great match and does a whole lot more
Bob Sheriff - The money man keeps it all honest
Joe Hellane - Official scorer and scorekeeper
Dick Murphey - Scorer and wisdom dispenser
George Rill - In charge of kibitzing and inciting hostilities among competitors

See you next year after hibernation.....

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Congratulations to ALL who showed up. Not just the winners!
Drinking a cup of coffee and sitting beside the woodstove I said to myself "God, I'm glad I'm not there"!

Dave, thanks for posting the results. It seems to me that you came in second in unlimited by the difference between a 6MM and a 6.5MM bullet. Now if they only made a .45BR LOL!

Congrats to everyone!

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Actually Danny, I got beat by one X. Guess I should go to a 17 BR but I have enough trouble seeing 6mm holes at 400. Some of the antagonists will tell you I shoot higher scores when I don't know where they're going and let the rifle point itself.
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