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Having all kinds of problems getting my Savage Model 12 (26" stainless fluted barrel on top of a Choate stock, Horus Vision Predator on top - all mounts and scope rings are snug) to group up tight. I used to shoot just over 1/4 MOA with this rig and now the groups are wide open - over 2 MOA. Less than 1000 rounds through the rifle. Barrel has been thoroughly cleaned for copper. Obvious items have already been checked. My younger brother suggested the problem may be the two bolts / screws attaching the stock to the rifle. Is there a certain method to tightening these screws? I am planning a prairie dog outing in a couple weeks and don't want to be without this rig! Any help would be appreciated!
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Since the Choate stock has a bedding block (?), check for cracking there (unlikely). Obviously check bedding screws which should be snug but not over tightened. Check your crown and see if it might be dinged. If you are handloading , check and see if your throat has eroded forward (should be checked every 500 rounds or so anyway) thus indicating a longer OAL. Check the back side (side that contacts the receiver) of your bolts locking lugs. If there is galling from crud being forced into the metal and then turning the bolt and thus gouging the lug. If you have not cleaned the chamber/lug area of your rifle lately try that. Try a different scope to eliminate that possibility. If time is of the essence, a good gunsmith might be your best friend right now.
Good luck and good hunting!
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You didn't say what the caliber was and some barrel burners can use up a barrel in 1,000 rounds. But to confirm whether or not it's the new stock, switch back to the old stock and see if it will still shoot 1/4 inch groups. Then you can determine which way to go from there.
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Sorry for the late response, guys . . . been helping a friend get the harvest done.
This rifle is a .243 and it has been sitting on the choate stock for a long, long time now. I think there have been just less than 700 rounds through the rifle. I've kept track of COL with a hornady gauge and matching comparator - no change in seating depth. I've just loosened the attachment bolts and re-tightened them a reasonable amount. If the wind doesn't blow like a hurricane all day today, I'll take it out to the rifle range and see how she behaves. If this doesn't resolve the problem, I may be sending it in to a gunsmith.
Thank you for your thoughts.
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Savages are VERY tempermental to the torque of the rear most action screw. Most of them shoot best with this action screw just barely finger tight. Some like just a bit of torque - about 15 inch pounds. None like a lot of torque on this screw.

I would try this before anything else.
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