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(re-posted from old forums on request of Moderator)

Dear All (probably mostly Swiss/German/Austrian members?)

Good smiths are few and far between in Central Europe, at least smiths with the skills to build and/or repair BR type guns. Do you have any suggestions for top flight smiths - preferably in Switzerland, Southern Germany or Western Austria (I'm located in Switzerland)?? Contact details (or even websites?) would be much appreciated, as would a short explanation of what the smith specializes in and your experience with his/her work.

Failing that, are there any German websites devoted to precision shooting?? I only know of hunting oriented sites.

I read Fabian Mueller's account of his Sako varmint rifle in 6mm BR; smith was Martin Menke. I guess Fabian also posts here under "Germanvarmint". A Southern Black Forest smith would be just about perfect for me location-wise(Switzerland would be slightly better, but not much).

Thanks a bunch in advance - mike
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main problem is Custom paper in Europe , distance can be short but as sson as you cross a border you are in trouble and you need to fill a transfert permit and to send back the rifle the gunsmith need to fill another one that seely but EC rules are as it

In Germany there is a gunsmith link with Henke ( the german suplier of BR equipement ) work I have see seem fine

In Italian country there is some too

but the first important point is to know what you need , most gunsmith can rebarrel M98 action but if you want real BR works you need to pay a lot of attention on the gunsmith real reputation

good shooting

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With regards to cross-border shipping or transportation of rifles: so true! You US guys don't know how good you have it...

Since I posted, I managed to dig up a link to the above mentioned smith "Martin Menke". From reading a bit on the Web, it seems Martin is in some way involved in the German BR scene - possibly even as the head of a German BR federation? In any event, the link to his home page is: Martin is located in the Northern part of Germany (north of the Ruhr area, not too far from the Dutch border). Just thought this might be of interest to other European users??

- mike
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thanks for the link but I have already my private gunsmith

good shooting

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hallo, ich schreibe mal auf Deutsch, das geht schneller. Ich komme aus der Gegend von martin Menke, lebe erst seit kurzem im Schwarzwald. Ich kann die Adresse und Telefonnummer weitergeben, falls Interesse besteht. Herr Menke ist ein über die Grenzen Deutschlands bekannter Benchrester und für seine Waffen bekannt, er baute glaube ich auch für die F-class. Hier im Süden gibt es Seehuber etc. Ich kann bei bedarf mich erkundigen über die Adressen. Habe hier Bekannte, die Ihre Systeme selbst herstellen, mit einer nicht bezahlbaren Qualität. Die haben Konnektions zu den hiesigen BM mit sehr guter Qualität und Namen.
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